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Childcare Online

Dublin City Childcare Committee (DCCC) is one of 33 County and City Childcare Committee’s established throughout the country.

It is made up of a central office and 5 Local Childcare Resource Centres (LCRC’s). DCCC and the 5 LCRC’s offer information and supports to parents, providers of childcare, childcare workers, home based childminders and employers.

Childminding Ireland

Childminding Ireland is the National Body for Childminding.

Our aims are:

  • to promote high standards in family-based day care for children
  • to promote the interests of Childminders as a very important component in the workforce
  • to provide training, support and advice for Childminders and Parents.

Children in Hospital Ireland

Children in Hospital Ireland

Children in Hospital Ireland was founded in 1970 by a group of concerned parents who lobbied on behalf of children in hospital and their families for improved access for parents, access to play and education in hospitals and better communications between parents and medical staff. 

Children's Group Link

Children's Group Link will endeavor to encourage and assist in the development of children, teenagers and adults. We will strive to create a positive environment for those in our care and help them to express themselves in an open and secure way. The group will strive to achieve these goals through clearly defined methods and objectives.

Children's Rights Alliance

The Children's Rights Alliance is a coalition of over 80 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working to secure the rights and needs of children in Ireland, by campaigning for the full implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

It aims to improve the lives of all children under 18, through securing the necessary changes in Ireland's laws, policies and services.


Children4WorldChildren (C4WC)
‘….where kids are #1’

Who we are
 Children4worldChildren is a non-profit, non-racial and non-political organization that focuses on alleviating child’s poverty. The C4WC intensive initiative promotes holistic support for young people globally, nurturing talents, empowering individual young people to maximise their potentials for a better future.

Our Target

Christian Aid

Christian Aid is an agency of the churches in Ireland and the UK. We work wherever the need is greatest – irrespective of religion or race.

Christian Aid works in more than 50 countries with over 600 partners.

Because we believe in strengthening people to find their own solutions to the problems they face, we support local organisations, which are best placed to understand local needs. We also give help on the ground through 16 overseas offices.

We strive for a new world transformed by an end to poverty and we campaign to change the rules that keep people poor.

Christian Blind Mission (CBM)

Based upon our Christian principles, Christian Blind Mission (CBM) exists to cure and prevent blindness, deafness and other disabilities.

We also support blind, visually impaired and otherwise disabled people in those areas of greatest need worldwide. We do this through medical intervention, education and rehabilitation, emergency relief and in capacity building through training, research, advocacy and awareness creation.

In order to achieve this we seek to generate income from individuals and organisations and by developing partnerships internationally.

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation


The mission of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation is to give all children their childhood by providing the necessary protection, care and education for them to sleep in peace, surrounded by love. Without this caring, protective foundation in life, the future of any child is bleak. A happy and secure childhood is one of the most precious and enduring memories we can have and sets the foundation for the life we lead as adults. The opportunity to experience a happy childhood is the right of every child.


Chronic Pain Ireland (formerly Irish Chronic Pain Association)

Established in 1992, Chronic Pain Ireland CLG. is the only national organisation providing information and support services to people living with Chronic Pain. We are a registered charity, and we work with all stakeholders including those living with chronic pain, their families and carers, health professionals, students, researchers and others interested in chronic pain. We provide talks and workshops nationwide to help people better manage and cope with chronic pain.

Our website is a valuable resource of information