Alice Leahy Trust

Alice Leahy Trust is a non-political,non-denominational voluntary body set up in 1975 as a private charitable trust (Charity No.CHY7014) to provide medical and related services for people who are homeless.

We work in premises provided at a nominal rent by the Iveagh Trust. Up to 30 men and women call each morning, the majority of whom are sleeping out (age 18 to 85). We see new people daily and often have people calling who were housed - settled- and become homeless again.

Carbery Housing Association

Carbery Housing Association is committed to the provision of housing and associated amenities for a range of groups that are excluded from the housing market, on the basis of close co-operation with local authorities and community organisations and aiming at a high level of energy efficiency and ecological appropriateness.

Cheshire Ireland

Cheshire Ireland provides supported accommodation, respite and community services to adults with physical disabilities.

Currently, we operate 16 centres/services around Ireland. New accommodation and respite services are in the course of development in a number of locations.

Clanmil Ireland

Clanmil Ireland is a registered housing association and is a member of the Irish Council for Social Housing. Following receipt of approved status on 12th February 2002, we have quickly established ourselves as a key social housing provider.

Mission Statement

‘Clanmil Ireland aims to be a primary provider of high quality homes at the lowest possible economic rent for everyone in housing need. It is committed to providing an open and professional service, which is all embracing and sensitive to the needs of the individual’.

Co-operative Housing Munster

Co-operative Housing Munster was established in 2005. The first Munster project was completed in Fern Walk, Pairc na Gloine, Kenmare in County Kerry. These properties are in a well-appointed estate set against the backdrop of the beautiful Kerry Mountains.  Soon afterwards a co-operative rental project began in Shanowen in Rathcormac, County Cork.

COPE Galway

COPE Galway is a community based voluntary organisation which enables the people of Galway to recognise and address the challenges posed by inequality and isolation in society.

COPE Galway works closely with partners in the community to provide targeted services - including a refuge for women and children affected by domestic violence, accommodation for homeless people and sustenance and social supports for older people at home.


Cork Simon Community

Cork Simon acts in solidarity with people who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless. The Community reaches out to people who are homeless, providinga range of accommodation and support projects, and campaigns for a society without homelessness.

Cork Simon is a rights based organisation which works to a model of empowerment. The Community's values are Diversity, Social Justice and equality, voluntarism, community and commitment to care.

Daisyhouse Housing Association

Daisyhouse Housing Association is a 27 year old, non government funded, registered charity and Approved Housing Body supporting women out of homelessness. We do this through the provision of Supported Temporary Accommodation combined with uniquely tailored individual Personal Support Programmes to women who are homeless.

We provide this service for  18 month periods so they can break the cycle of homelessness and be empowered to move forward to independent, safe, sustainable living. We also provide a fully comprehensive resettlement programme.


Depaul is a charity supporting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Depaul exists to serve homeless individuals and families, at risk, caught in the spiral of homelessness, deprived of all control of their lives, when every door is closed to them. Depaul is there because they deserve help to rebuild their lives and progress to a positive future.