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Caring for Carers Ireland

Caring for Carers is a National non-governmental organisation providing support to Homebased Carers through a growing network of Carers Groups throughout Ireland.

Mission Statement
Caring for Carers, in collaboration with Homebased Carers aims to promote the Health, Well Being and Quality of Life of Homebased Carers and those for whom they care, by promoting Recognition of their role, providing Respite Care, Information, Training and Advocacy to promote Social Inclusion within the Context of our Carers Charter.

Carmichael Centre

Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups is a centre for small voluntary organisations.

The principal objective of the Centre is to nurture and support the development of small voluntary groups, providing an environment which stimulates this development.

Carrickmacross Workhouse

Farney is a collective term for five parishes in South Co. Monaghan, bordering the counties of Armagh, Louth, Meath and Cavan. It has a population of approximately twenty thousand, with Carrickmacross is its principal town.

On 16 June 1993, as a response to the need in Farney for socio-economic reconstruction, twenty-eight voluntary community groups came together to form an umbrella group that would be located in Carrickmacross and Farney Community Development Group. 

CASPr (Community After Schools project)

CASPr is situated in the North East Inner City of Dublin.

Its mission is to contribute to the development of the local community by encouraging local people to become actively involved in providing activities for children while at the same time improving their own life situations.

The Project's activities represent a partnership approach at local level between community, local schools and service providers.  The Project has been developed through the vision and hard work of local workers and parents.


Catherine McAuley Centre

The Catherine McAuley Centre is dedicated to the development, education and well being of women who are most at need in today's society.

Consistent with Gospel values and the vision of Catherine, the Centre seeks to identify areas of need which are not being reached by other groups and to address them in a collaborative and participative way.

In pursuance of its aims the Centre co-operates with bodies doing similar work both nationally and internationally.

Guiding Principles:

Catkins on the Move

Catkins on the Move, Mobile Childcare Solutions can provide "on-site" childcare for any event.

If you have a suitable room available at your event, we can re-create a Creche Environment

Events we can cater for include (but not limited to)
- Training Services
- Community Events
- Corporate Events
- Conferences
- Family Parties/Events
- Award Days
- Weddings

Provide high quality flexible short term childcare solutions for the local community and beyond - to help remove barriers to participation

Cats Aid

Cats Aid is a  volunteer group who rescue & rehome cats & kittens in the Dublin area.

The objectives of Cats Aid are:

To rescue, rehabilitate and find good homes for unwanted cats on the explicit understanding that no health-recoverable cat taken in by Cats Aid will be destroyed.

  • The establishment of a permanent shelter/sanctuary for cats.
  • The education of the general public in the care of cats with particular emphasis on the importance of spaying and neutering.

Website: Cats Aid

Central Remedial Clinic (CRC)

The Central Remedial Clinic is a non-residential national centre for the care, treatment and development of children and adults with physical and multiple disabilities. Services are provided for people with physical conditions ranging from the very rare to the more familiar, such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy and arthrogryposis.

We are people concerned about the well-being, happiness and achievements of people with disabilities and the welfare of their families, advocates and supporters.

Centre for Co-operative Studies

The Centre for Co-operative Studies is a university research centre that promotes education and training and independent research and consultancy in all aspects of co-operative organisation.

The Centre continues its work of fostering research, study and education about co-operatives. It is a strong focus of support for academics who are interested in co-operatives and it works closely with many national and international co-operative bodies.