Civil Liberties-Human Rights


Established in 2001 AkiDwA is a network of African and migrant women living in Ireland.

Our Vision:

To see is a just society where there is equal opportunity and equal access to resources in all aspects of society: social, cultural, economic, civic and political.

Our Mission:

To promote equality and justice for migrant women living in Ireland.

Area of Work:

Amnesty International Irish Section

Amnesty International is an independent worldwide movement working impartially for the release of all prisoners of conscience, fair and prompt trials for political prisoners, an end to torture, executions, disappearances, and extrajudicial executions.

Amnesty International's vision is of a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.

ATD in Ireland

All Together in Dignity – ATD Fourth World is an international human-rights organisation that works through grass-roots projects in partnership with people living in poverty. All around the world, it remains focused on constantly reaching out to the most vulnerable families, those who have a long history of poverty and educational disadvantage even in the so-called developed countries.

For the past 15 years, ATD in Ireland has been close to family members facing persistent poverty and struggling daily to live in dignity.

Charities Regulator

Our key functions are to establish and maintain a public register of charitable organisations operating in Ireland and ensure their compliance with the Charities Acts.

We also engage in the provision of services to charities, including the authorising of appointments of new charitable trustees, the framing of schemes of incorporation, authorisation of Cy-Près schemes and disposition of lands held upon charitable trusts.

Children's Law Centre

The Children's Law Centre was established in September 1997.

It is founded upon the principles laid down in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Centre works to protect the rights of all children living in NI particularly those who are the most disadvantaged, e.g. children with disabilities, special educational needs, mental ill health, homeless young people.

Citizens Information

The website provides comprehensive information on public services and on the entitlements of citizens in Ireland. We gather information from various government departments and agencies, and make sure that you have all the information you need, presented in an easy-to-understand way.

The site has been specially designed around the needs of users for those times in life when you need information about your rights and how to apply for State services in Ireland.

Clondalkin Travellers Development Group

Clondalkin Travellers Development Group (CTDG) was established in 1989 to address the needs of Travellers in the Clondalkin area. CTDG is a partnership between Travellers and non-Travellers working to promote the rights of Travellers as a nomadic ethnic group within Irish society. Clondalkin has a large population of Travellers. Travellers in Clondalkin face similar issues as those experienced at national level. Since 1989, CTDG have spent significant time developing a model of community work, which meets the needs of Travellers and responds to issues as identified by Travellers.

Community Law & Mediation

Our Vision

To make our communities more just and inclusive by facilitating access to legal services for all

Our Mission

To provide people in our communities with expert legal, mediation, and education services they would not otherwise have access to and in doing so, to address underlying issues of injustice and exclusion while working for real change.

Donegal Travellers Project

Donegal Travellers’ Project, founded in 1996, has been an important part of the wider struggle for Travellers’ rights, both through its work locally and in solidarity with others at regional and national levels.

DTP is one of the longest established and locally based community development organization working for and with the Irish Traveller community. The local Traveller population fluctuates between 250 and 350 families.