Africa Centre

Africa Centre is a charitable and non-profit organization founded in 2000 by a group of Activists within the African diaspora community in Ireland. This group of activists wanted the community to be active participants and have a voice in Irish society, but also to inform development policy in Europe and in African countries.



Established in 2001 AkiDwA is a network of African and migrant women living in Ireland.

Our Vision:

To see is a just society where there is equal opportunity and equal access to resources in all aspects of society: social, cultural, economic, civic and political.

Our Mission:

To promote equality and justice for migrant women living in Ireland.

Area of Work:

American Women's Club of Dublin

Founded in 1972, the AWCD has been part of the Irish Community for over 45 years.  We have a large and diverse membership who share experiences, interests, and a commitment to be part of the community here in Ireland.

We welcome you to find out more about the club and come along to an upcoming meeting or activity!


Cairde is a non-government organisation working to reduce health inequalities amongst ethnic minorities. Cáirde is committed to supporting the participation of communities to enhance their own health.

Cairde is a community development organisation working to tackle health inequalities among ethnic minority communities by improving ethnic minority access to health services, and ethnic minority participation in health planning and delivery.

Clondalkin Travellers Development Group

Clondalkin Travellers Development Group (CTDG) was established in 1989 to address the needs of Travellers in the Clondalkin area. CTDG is a partnership between Travellers and non-Travellers working to promote the rights of Travellers as a nomadic ethnic group within Irish society. Clondalkin has a large population of Travellers. Travellers in Clondalkin face similar issues as those experienced at national level. Since 1989, CTDG have spent significant time developing a model of community work, which meets the needs of Travellers and responds to issues as identified by Travellers.


Comhlámh, The Association of Returned Development Workers and Volunteers.

Comhlámh is a member organisation that works to mobilise for an equitable and sustainable world. As the Irish association of development workers and volunteers, Comhlámh promotes responsible, responsive international volunteering and development work.  We support people in their journey of working for social justice. We work with returned volunteers, partner organisations and member groups to foster just, inclusive societies, through progressive grassroots activism in Ireland and internationally.

Crosscare Migrant Project

Crosscare Migrant Project (formerly Emigrant Advice) is an information, advocacy and referral organisation for vulnerable migrants.

It is a project of Crosscare, the Dublin Diocese Social Care Agency.

Crosscare Migrant Project provides its service to intending, existing and returning Irish emigrants, as well as immigrants and members of new communities in Ireland.

Cultúr Migrants Centre

Cultúr is a voluntary organisation in County Meath that celebrates cultural diversity through education, sport, music and drama.

Cultúr was established in 2004 with the main purpose of promoting a multicultural Meath and facilitating the smooth integration of foreign nationals who have chosen to live in this country into Irish society.

Cultúr brings people from different backgrounds and walks of life together. Members and volunteers join their time and efforts in order to:

Donegal Travellers Project

Donegal Travellers’ Project, founded in 1996, has been an important part of the wider struggle for Travellers’ rights, both through its work locally and in solidarity with others at regional and national levels.

DTP is one of the longest established and locally based community development organization working for and with the Irish Traveller community. The local Traveller population fluctuates between 250 and 350 families.


Doras is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation working to promote and protect the rights of people from a migrant background in Ireland.

Our vision for Ireland is a society where equality and respect for the human rights of migrants are social norms.

Our mission is to promote and uphold the human rights and well-being of migrants through personal advocacy, integration development and collaborative advocacy campaigns at the local and national level.