Your privacy is our priority...

[Updated: 17th August 2023]

GDPR/ePrivacy Statement

We operate this website on a principle of "GDPR/ePrivacy without requiring consent", whereby we have made it inherently GDPR and ePrivacy compliant, so we don't need to show you a "consent" tool when you first visit us. We do not track your use of our website.

We do not collect any identifying information on visitors to this website, other than their email addresses and names (optional), should they decide to subscribe to our email bulletins, or information submitted voluntarily via contact form(s). Anonymised email addresses are accepted, and our email bulletin subscription process has always been by double opt-in, with a GDPR notice in our opt-in emails since this has been required.

We keep minimal contact information on our advertisers, just what is necessary in order for us to provide our service and issue invoices. Please contact or call us during Irish business hours on +353-1-6677326 to request either a copy of, or the deletion of, any data that we hold on you.

Your privacy is our priority

Activelink respects and protects the privacy of its users and visitors. This statement explains how we gather, use and disseminate personal information at this website.

This web site is developed and managed by Hyperlink Ltd. t/a Activelink (Technical development is by Annertech.) Our postal address is:

Activelink, 32 Sandyford Office Park, Blackthorn Avenue, Sandyford, Dublin D18 XP22, Ireland.

We can be reached by email at and by telephone at +353-1-6677 326.

Our web content management software records email addresses if they are given in contact forms. They are only used for legitimate contact purposes and are not retained after queries have been dealt with. We will never send you unsolicited emails due to your use of this web site.

We do not track the delivery of, or usage of, our email bulletins. We do not use click-trackers in our email bulletins.


A 'cookie' is text stored by your web browser that can be used for tracking and other purposes. This website does not use cookies.

Local Storage in your web browser can be used as an alternative to cookies. This website does not use Local Storage.

Web analytics

We use an EU-based GDPR/ePrivacy compliant web analytics service, Plausible Analytics, which does not set any cookies in your web browser or record or reveal your IP address to us.

Social media buttons

We permit the sharing of most of our web pages to X (Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn. But we do not utilise their widgets, as they act as trackers. We use passive buttons, so your use of Activelink only becomes visible to these services when you deliberately share one of our pages to them, and then only for that page.


Many websites use resources provided by third parties, such as font and JavaScript providers. These third parties could potentially track your activity. This website provides all of its resources directly.

Do we share personal information?

The information we gather is not sold, given to, or otherwise shared with other organisations for commercial or any other purposes, unless we are ordered to by an Irish court of law.

Target audience

This site is designed for community and voluntary organisations, charities, non-profit organisations / associations, NGOs, people interested or involved in the activities of the 'non-profit sector', mainly in Ireland.


This web site links to many other web sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content on these sites. Nor do we guarantee that these sites and their content are still available.

SSL encryption

Activelink uses SSL/TLS encryption to serve this website. We use Let's Encrypt security certificates that are recognised by all modern web browsers. This website enforces a secure/encrypted connection with your web browser, it cannot be viewed via an insecure connection.