A4 Sounds

A4’s mission is to transform the means by which cultural works are produced, accessed, and understood in Ireland, and by doing so to contribute to the development of a more just society. We want to Make Art That Matters.

Allihies Copper Mine Museum

In the mid-nineties a group of Allihies residents came together to discuss how they might preserve and present the local copper mining heritage of this unique area. The idea of Allihies Copper Mine Museum (ACMM) was born and hard work and dedication on the part of the local community brought it to fruition. Attended by then-president Mary McAleese, the museum finally opened its doors in May, 2007.


An Taisce The National Trust of Ireland

An Taisce - 'The Store House, or Treasury' is The National Trust For Ireland. Established in 1948, it is the most influential environmental body in Ireland.

All our policies reflect our core belief that a high quality environment is central to Ireland achieving a successful and sustainable economy, as well as a high quality of life. This is based on the view that prevention is better than cure, partnership and dialogue are better than conflict and monologue, and strategic planning surpasses reactive expediency.

Art to Heart

Founded by Jole Bortoli, Art to Heart is a company with a passion for art, creativity and beauty and we want to share this passion with people of all ages and backgrounds. We believe each and everyone one of us has creative talents and that when nurtured and developed they are transforming.

Arts Council Ireland

The Arts Council of Ireland is the Irish government agency for developing the arts. We work in partnership with artists, arts organisations, public policy makers and others to build a central place for the arts in Irish life.

Athenry Heritage Centre

The award winning Athenry Heritage Centre is the ideal place to discover the rich history of this medieval town. Learn how the Anglo-Normans made Athenry the town it is today and experience this history with interactive exhibits of weaponry, armour, the dungeon and the market square. The centre is also the home of the town’s original 15th century Mace & Seal, the oldest of their kind in Ireland. Visitors of all ages will enjoy the range of activities which also includes dressing up in medieval costume and testing your skills with Have A Go archery. 

Atlantic Youth Trust

And now, emerging from COVID with youth mental health issues, we are needed more than ever as we finalize our New Ship funding package.

We do so in the spirit of excellence, sustainability, and adventure around the World – and as an Irish North-South / East-West maritime development, tourism, youth development, trade, and cultural integration charity.  We strive to deliver a top voyage programme through the “STV Grace O’Malley” Tallship.  And to build our ATLANTIC Youth  Club, our Academy.

Ballyfermot Heritage Group

The Ballyfermot Heritage Group started in January 2003 and we meet in the Ballyfermot Library every second Thursday at 6.30pm till 7.45pm.

We get local people and people that are home on holidays from around the world that drop in. The Heritage Group is open to all and our moto is ‘come along, say hello, and share a memory’.

Bealtaine Festival

Ireland’s national celebration of creativity as we age. The Bealtaine Festival is run by Age and Opportunity. Each year during May all over the country Bealtaine events run in arts centres, theatres, libraries, galleries, community centres, local halls, care settings, cultural spaces and even in the open air.