Horses Connect

Horses connect us to our true value and full potential in a unique and powerful way. We facilitate that connection.

Areas of Work - Equine-assisted Personal Development, and Therapeutic Horse-riding. 

IBBY Ireland

IBBY Ireland isa non-profit organisation which helps to build bridges to international understanding through children's books.
IBBY Ireland is one of 75 National Sections of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) worldwide. Our motto is ONE WORLD, MANY STORIES and our mission is:

Irish Association of Social Workers

Who We Are?

The Irish Association of Social Workers is the national professional body for social workers in the Republic of Ireland. It was founded in 1971 and has a membership of over 1,200 social workers. The IASW is an active member of the International Federation of Social Workers, which represents professional social work associations from over 55 different countries with more than 350,000 social workers in all parts of the world.

What does the IASW do?

Irish Squash & Education Association


Enrichment. Education. Equality. Significant learning through significant relationships.

With Squash as the catalyst, Squash Link, flagship programme of the Irish Squash & Education Association (ISEA), aims to support significant achievements in the lives of local school students through academic enrichment, health and lifestyle commitments, social and emotional responsibility, character development, life-long learning and leadership.


Irish Youth Foundation

The Irish Youth Foundation is an independent charitable trust dedicated exclusively to meeting the needs of disadvantaged children and young people in Ireland.

Its mission is to financially support projects and programmes that make a positive difference in the lives of young people in need. It has been a long standing commitment of the Irish Youth Foundation that every cent goes to the kids, putting them in a stronger position to provide real opportunity to those in need.


Kids' Own Publishing Partnership

Kids' Own Publishing Partnership is an initiative to validate children's creative skills as writers and illustrators and bring a rich arts experience to young people.

We publish high quality materials written and illustrated by children for other readers.

The first edition publications are produced through hands-on print using silk screen and other print media. Some titles are then reprinted, distributed and sold in bookshops.
Our aims:

Lourdes Youth and Community Services (LYCS)

Lourdes Youth and Community Services (LYCS) is an integrated community development project based in Dublin's North East inner city.

Through it's four programmes, LYCS works with approximately 250 children, young people and adults every week, in the areas of education and training, social, cultural and recreational activity.

The four programmes of work are: