Christina Noble Children’s Foundation


The mission of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation is to give all children their childhood by providing the necessary protection, care and education for them to sleep in peace, surrounded by love. Without this caring, protective foundation in life, the future of any child is bleak. A happy and secure childhood is one of the most precious and enduring memories we can have and sets the foundation for the life we lead as adults. The opportunity to experience a happy childhood is the right of every child.


Chronic Pain Ireland (formerly Irish Chronic Pain Association)

Established in 1992, Chronic Pain Ireland CLG. is the only national organisation providing information and support services to people living with Chronic Pain. We are a registered charity, and we work with all stakeholders including those living with chronic pain, their families and carers, health professionals, students, researchers and others interested in chronic pain. We provide talks and workshops nationwide to help people better manage and cope with chronic pain.

Our website is a valuable resource of information

City of Dublin Education and Training Board

The City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB) provides a broad and comprehensive range of high quality educational services in our schools, colleges and centres.  We place the learner at the centre of provision whether he/she is a second level student, a young adult wishing to obtain a Further Education and Training qualification or an older adult wishing to upskill.  We have an innovative approach to curriculum and course development and our flexibility allows us to respond quickly to the changing needs of learners and society.   Our highly qualified, professional and experienced

Clare County Library

Clare County Library Service is a publicly funded resource to be used for information, learning, culture and the imagination thereby improving the intellectual and cultural quality of life of the community, and is crucial in achieving equality of access to the benefits of the information society.

Clondalkin Local Employment Service

The Clondalkin Local Employment Service is a free, confidential & client centred employment service for unemployed people and people who wish to return to work. Through one-to-one support we work with you to identify suitable employment and where necessary, find training and education programmes that will prepare you for the workforce.

We Offer:

Comeragh Wilderness Camp

Comeragh Wilderness Camp is a unique programme for young people who are having difficulty with their education. The camp offers a group experience that helps youth learn social and life skills, and an outdoor-based approach to education that reignites interest in learning. Cooking meals on a fire, building shelters in the forest, hiking in the Comeragh mountains, canoeing a river, observing nature, and studying elective themes are ways that learning happens at CWC.

Common Purpose

Common Purpose finds leaders everywhere from all ages, backgrounds and in every sector - private, public and not-for-profit and we bring them together to learn from each other and begin to understand they have a common goal.

Computer Club House - SWICN

The Computer Clubhouse provides a creative and safe after-school learning environment where young people from undeserved communities with adult mentors explore ideas,develop skills and confidence through the use of technology.

The Clubhouse provides youth access to resources and experiences to help them learn about their future careers and how to best contribute to their communities.

Cope Foundation

Cope Foundation supports over 2,300 children and adults with intellectual disabilities and/ or autism in 65 locations across Cork City and County.  The organisation provides a spectrum of services to the people it supports including early intervention, education, training, autism spectrum disorder, homes, short breaks, physical activities and sports, arts and creative therapies.

Cope Foundation’s vision

“A society where people of every ability can live life to the full.”

Cope Foundation’s mission

Cork Geological Association

Cork Geological Association brings together members of the general public having an interest in earth sciences with a strong emphasis on geology.

It presents an annual programme of lectures on geological and related topics and organises field trips to areas of geological interest in Ireland and abroad.