Sexual Violence-Abuse

One in Four

One in Four exists to support and give voice to people who, as children and/or as adults have experienced sexual violence and to provide a space that by its very existence challenges feelings of shame and self blame. In the often perceived hopelessness and despair of such trauma the possibility of meeting others on the journey offers hope and encouragement.

As a service it respond to the needs of women and men who have experienced sexual violence whether it be as a adult, or as a child.


OSSCork is a Domestic Violence Information Resource Centre that aims to

  1. work towards the elimination of violence in society
  2. provide the highest quality of services to victims of domestic violence, their families and friends and professionals and others who encounter victims in the course of their work or daily lives.

Rape Crisis Midwest

Rape Crisis Midwest was founded in 1980, as Limerick Rape Crisis Centre, by a group of women and men who were concerned about the lack of services for survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Since then it has worked to provide a quality professional, information, support and counselling service for survivors of sexual violence and abuse throughout the Midwest region.

Our vision is of a society where the rights of all adults and children to live a life free from all forms of sexual violence is upheld.

Rape Crisis Network

The Rape Crisis Network (RCNI) is a multi-member political and campaigning organisation committed to the elimination of all forms of sexual violence through effecting political, cultural and social change.

Our agenda to effect change is directly provided by the experience and expertise of our member Rape Crisis Centres (RCCs).

Our vision is a society where rape and all other forms of sexual violence no longer exists.

Right of Place Second Chance

Supporting Survivors of Institutional Child Abuse and their Families
Right of Place second chance is a vision and values driven organization which offers a professional service to its members. We support their entitlements and Rights by empowering them through the promotion of trust, respect and self confidence. We provide practical help and offer a forum for communication, information, validation, peer support and encouragement to all survivors who suffered as children in State run institutions.

Safe Ireland

Safe Ireland, formerly the National Network Women's Refugees and Support Services, recognises violence against women and children as a violation of their human rights and we work from the conviction that:

Women and their children have the right to live free from domestic violence.

Sexual Violence Centre Cork

The Cork Rape Crisis Centre is involved in a range of activities. Its most important work is  the direct provision of services to the survivors of rape, sexual assault and child sexual abuse. The services are confidential, free of charge, and provided by highly, experienced professional staff.

The door of Cork Rape Crisis Centre is open to all, irrespective of the nature of the sexual violence they experienced or when it occurred.

Sligo Rape Crisis Centre

Counselling / Trauma / Sexual Violence-Abuse


Services offered

We provide counselling and support services for survivors of sexual violence and historical child abuse. We help all our clients heal from the effects of trauma. We also work towards help ending sexual violence in our society through outreach work locally, regionally and nationally.

Sonas Domestic Violence Service

Sonas is the largest provider of frontline services to women and children experiencing domestic abuse in the greater Dublin region.

We support women and children experiencing domestic abuse by providing effective, quality services, including refuge, advice, support, court accompaniment, outreach and accommodation services. We advocate on women and children’s behalf with other services and on issues that impact on the safety, welfare and wellbeing of women and children experiencing domestic abuse.

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre offers a free, confidential listening and support service for women and men who have been raped and/or sexually abused at any time in their lives, or for anyone who wants to talk about the effects of sexual violence.

The service offers a 24 hour telephone helpline staffed by trained counsellors 7 days a week. Although the Centre is based in Dublin, our counsellors take calls from all over the country.

The South East Domestic Violence Intervention Programme (SEDVIP)

The South East Domestic Violence Intervention Programme (SEDVIP) was set up as a regional initiative under the auspices of the South East Regional Planning Committee on Violence Against Women in response to the Report of the Task Force on Violence against Women (April 1997).

The primary aim in working with male perpetrators of Domestic violence is to promote the safety, rehabilitation and empowerment of women and children. Every intervention and decision in this work must be made with this in mind.