One Family

Progressing the work of Cherish, established in 1972, One Family provides voice, support and action for one-parent families through membership, professional services and campaigning.

Our aim is to affect positive change and achieve equality and social inclusion for all one-parent families in Ireland.

We work to achieve our aims through

We are the national membership organisation of one-parent families, supporting organisations and others concerned with the issues facing one-parent families.


Today we are an accredited adoption agency under Section 4 (e,f, & g) of the Adoption Act, 2010. We are a national service and employ a panel of sessional social workers to undertake assessment work who are regionally based and are able to visit applicants in their own localities. All of Pact’s social workers are accredited by CORU,, the statutory body with responsibility for the registration of health and social care professionals, and are very experienced in the field of adoption and child welfare.

Parenting NI

Mission Statement -  Our vision of the future is one where parenting is highly valued, and family members receive the support and resources they need to provide a happy and safe environment in which children and young people can achieve their potential.
Aim -  To contribute to the well being of children and young people by supporting parents and influence policy and practice on parenting.
Areas of Work -  Parenting NI has three main types of work:


Parentline, formerly known as Parents Under Stress, was founded by a group of concerned nurses and health care workers in response to the emerging problem of child abuse.

It was modelled on a U.S. organisation called "Parents Anonymous" which operated somewhat like Alcoholics Anonymous in that parents who were abusing their children could meet and offer each other mutual support.

Parent support groups were started in 1980; the anonymous telephone helpline in 1983.

Parents First (Laois, Offaly) CLG

Parents First is a voluntary organisation in which volunteers offer regular support, friendship and practical help to families with young children, in the family home.  The support of the volunteer helps to nurture a positive family life experience and is available to any family with at least one child under five years of age.  We also offer a Family Morning where parents and young children can meet together to play and socialise, and a group for First Time Parents and their small babies to meet others at the same life-stage for mutual support and encouragement.  We offer the volunteer visi

Parents Plus Charity

Parents Plus Charity is committed to developing evidence-based educational and therapeutic programmes for parents and children and to provide training and support to professionals working with children and families in the community.


Support for People Parenting Alone

To provide non-bias and friendly platform for the dissemination of information and breaking news that has specific relevance to single female and male parents and their siblings.

To advocate comprehensively and fairly on behalf of single parent families by drawing attention to the inequalities encountered through the judicial, social welfare and administrative bodies.

To provide a source of referral contact addresses to those seeking assistance and information.


Treoir (the Federation of Services for Unmarried Parents and their Children) is the national co-ordinating body of both statutory and voluntary agencies which provide services for unmarried parents and their children.

Our aims is to promote the welfare of and improve the standards of care for unmarried parents and their children.


Waterford County Childcare Committee

Mission Statement - In co-operation with the key stakeholders, to develop a quality childcare environment whwre all children in County Waterford have opportunities for 'holistic development'.

The core values of the work of the Waterford County Childcare Committee are:
- Child Centred
- Quality
- Equality & Diversity
- Participatioon & Communication
- Viability & Sustainability
- Accessibility
- Transparency & Accountability
- Language Diversity
- Community Development Approach.