EmployAbility Service Cork

First Employment Services is an employment agency with a dual function:

  • To facilitate and support the integration of job seekers with disabilities into paid employment in the open labour market;
  • To meet the labour requirements of employers.


- Candidates must be over 18.
- Have a disability.
- Willing and able to work 8 hours or more per week.
- Require support to access and maintain employment in the mainstream labour market.

Catchment Area: Cork City and County.

Energy Action

Energy Action Ltd is an Irish Registered Charity established in 1988, with the core objective of alleviating fuel poverty in Dublin by provision of insulation in the homes of older people.

Mission Statement
To address the thermal needs of the elderly and needy, and to provide training and employment opportunities for long-term unemployed people that are creative, sustainable and ecologically sound.

Main Objectives


IASE - Irish Association of Supported Employment - is a national voluntary organisation which was established in February 1994 with the aim of promoting and developing supported employment throughout Ireland.

IASE is the representative voice of over 500 members in Ireland.

IASE's mission is to promote best practice in Supported Employment for people with disabilities in Ireland.

What we Do

Innovate Dublin

The Ballymun Partnership strives to listen, trust and support local people to create positive change in the community.

We aim to promote a community that includes all people equally.

We work in partnership with local people, the business sector, trade unions, state agencies and community& voluntary sector.

We are primarily concerned with Employment/Enterprise, Education, Community Development and Childcare.

Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed (INOU)

The Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed is a federation of unemployed people and over 180 groups throughout the country, concerned with combating unemployment. The overall objective of the organisation is to represent the interests and views of all unemployed people and their dependants at a national level. The INOU does this at local, national and European levels. The INOU is a social partner and participated, through its membership of the Community and Voluntary Pillar in the negotiations on a number of national agreements, the latest being Sustaining Progress.

Kilkenny / Carlow Area Supported Employment Service

Kilkenny / Carlow Area Supported Employment Service is a free and confidential service available to both employers, employees and jobseekers.

It is a FÁS funded initiative that enables and empowers people with varying abilities who require extra support or those with a disability or an illness to search for employment in the open labour market. We prepare people to access and maintain employment while also assisting them to successfully integrate into the staff team.

Laois Partnership Company

LAOIS Partnership Company is the local development company for Co. Laois. A State and EU funded organisation, it delivers a range of programmes and supports to people, communities and businesses in the county. These programmes aim to make Laois a better place to live in by enhancing community life, combating disadvantage and social exclusion and supporting enterprise development.

Local Employment Service - County Monaghan

To empower the most socially excluded persons of County Monaghan to participate and contribute in a positive way with Society. We shall continue to endeavour to transform the social, economic and educational prospects of people in our target groups by working in Partnership with all other stakeholders to devise and implement practical solutions that break down barriers preventing those who live with lack of opportunity from accessing training, education and employment options.