Ronanstown Youth Service

Our aim is to support the development of a broad based service to all young people in the North Clondalkin area;

  • by offering them support advice and assistance with issues, and
  • by helping youth groups to assist the young people in a wide range of activities and opportunities, including mainstream youth groups of special interest such as outdoor pursuits, the arts, sports, drama etc.

We provide direct services for marginalised young people including drug users, young homeless, Travellers, teenage parents, early school leavers and young offenders.

Rosbrien Education and Substance Misuse Information Network (RESIN)

Rosbrien Education and Substance Information Network (RESIN) Support young people and their families in Our Lady Of Lourdes community to make informed choices towards a healthier lifestyle and promote a sense of community. The values underpinning our work include: Participation, Consultation, and Equality.

To contribute to and enhance education training and information on substance use / misuse in the local community.

To contribute to relevant Networks with a view to influencing policy decisions which impact on the Community.

Website: RESIN

Save the Children

Save the Children works to improve children's lives by focusing on the realisation of children's rights. We have successfully lobbied for a Children's Commissioner to make sure that children's issues are given a high level of priority when decisions are being made in Northern Ireland.

Save the Children has six donated-goods shops in Northern Ireland and three on the Isle of Man, all run entirely by volunteers. The region also has 34 volunteer support branches in towns and villages from Belfast to Douglas.

Scouting Ireland

Scouting Ireland is a multi-denominational, co-educational, youth based association with a membership close to 40,000 across the island of Ireland.

It is affiliated to the World Organisation of the Scout Movement.

SERVE in Solidarity

Mission Statement

‘To work in partnership to strengthen the livelihoods of young people and communities living in poverty by providing high quality vocational and educational learning opportunities, helping young people gain employment or start and develop their own businesses.’


Aims & Objectives / Areas of Work

St John Bosco Youth Centre

The St. John Bosco Youth Centre is a community resource which provides pursuits, amenities, programmes and activities which seek to develop young people personally, socially, educationally and recreationally in a high-quality, safe environment that respects its users. All programmes and activities are delivered in ways which help to empower young people and develop their leadership skills. The individual needs, preferences and personal situations of the young people who use the Centre are respected and the most marginalized in the community are catered for.

The ALFA Project

The ALFA Project aims to support young people in their quest to understand the world and to deepen their experience of their own humanity. It aims to provide a meaningful education for young people within the community in County Clare.

It offers a three-year active learning programme that is experimental, academic, practical and artistic and is designed to cater for the developmental needs and appeal to the interests of the 13-16 year age group.

Teaching is done through projects which provide a multidisciplinary and inter disciplinary approach to learning.

Website: The Alfa Project

The Ark

The Ark, A Cultural Centre for Children, is situated in the heart of Temple Bar, Dublin's Cultural Quarter. The Ark is Europe's first custom-designed arts centre for children and opened in September, 1995.

Every year some 20,000 children and 5,000 adults visit The Ark and participate in our programmes. Dedicated to cultural work for, by and with children, The Ark contains a 150 seat theatre, a gallery, and a large workshop studio.


The Cavan Centre

The Cavan Centre will provide a residential resource to promote Youth and Community Work based on a Community Development Process through the medium of Education, Experiential Learning and Personal Development. This resource is primarily for disadvantaged and marginalised groups and communities.

The Hope Foundation

The Hope Foundation was set up in February 1999 by three Cork women with a combined 35 years experience in development work. The Foundation works primarily with the street children in Calcutta and the subsequent difficulties that these children encounter.

The Hope Foundation is committed to providing development for the underprivileged and vulnerable child/person living in difficult circumstances by acting as a facilitator through procurement of funds, staff capacity enhancement, technical support and social, economic and spiritual development where necessary.