Call for Research Participants: Vaginismus Dissertation

Dissertation Poster

My name is Amy Cachia, and I am currently carrying out a dissertation in part fulfilment of the Masters of Science in Health Psychology at the National University of Galway. This research project is titled ‘The Experience of Women Living with Vaginismus: A Qualitative Study’ and it is being carried out under the supervision of Professor Molly Byrne and Dr. Jenny McSharry.

The study aims to explore how women understand and make sense of living with vaginismus. This will involve an interview carried out online. This interview will take approximately an hour and I as the researcher will be asking you a series of questions related to the topic. Afterwards, you will be given a pseudonym to keep your identity private throughout the research project.

If you are interested and fit the eligibility criteria outlined within the poster, or if you have further questions, please contact me at the email: Also, kindly refer to the Plain Language Statement which entails more details to help you make an informed decision before joining the research project.

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