The Inclusive Enterprises

The Inclusive Enterprises strives to highlight the positive approach to people with disabilities in Ireland by assisting their abilities to engage and participate in society on equal basis through the community-based support, cohesion, harmonisation and networking by creating a website, which will facilitate this.


The Irish Hospice Foundation

The Irish Hospice Foundation's mission is to promote the hospice philosophy and support the development of hospice and palliative care. We are driven by the belief that no-one should have to face death without appropriate care and support, which should include families and loved ones and extend into bereavement.

The Krystle Smith Trust

The purpose of the Krystle Smith Trust are:

To Raise awareness of Children and teenagers and young adults cancer in Ireland.

To raise money for the research and cure of Ewing's Sarcoma a deadly cancer that strikes Children and teenages and young adults.

To give information to patients care-givers and health professionals on up to date research taking place worldwide. Our website is full of links Irish, Uk, Europe, and The U.S.A.

The MedicAlert Foundation

MedicAlert ID bracelets, necklaces and watches help make sure that you receive fast, relevant treatment in an emergency. Worn on your pulse point, they carry the international medical symbol and are an effective way to communicate vital details … because every moment matters. MedicAlert is a global charity that provides life saving services and trains emergency responders.

The National Youth Health Programme (NYHP)

The National Youth Health Programme is a partnership between the National Youth Council of Ireland, the Health Promotion Unit of the Department of Health and Children and the Youth Affairs Section of the Department of Education & Science.

Our aim is to provide a broad-based, flexible health promotion / education support and training service to youth organisations and to all those working with young people in out-of-school settings.

The North Fingal ADD/ADHD Parent and Adult support Group

ADD/ADHD stands for: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyper kinetic Disorder (ADHD). ADD/ADHD is a neurological-based medical condition and is not caused by poor parenting and diet.

The North Fingal ADD/ADHD Parent and Adult support Group organises information talks on ADD/ADHD and runs behavioural managment groups for children.

We hold open meetings so parents and adults can come along and share experiances.


The Pioneer Association

Our mission is to address the problems in society caused by excess alcohol consumption and drug usage. We do this through:

  • Faith and prayer
  • Self denial
  • Example
  • Activities based on presenting alternatives to individuals, particularly the young
  • Advocacy

Our vision - based on the love in the Heart of Christ, as expressed in The Gospels - is to help to build a society where people live to their full potential and alcohol can be enjoyed in moderation avoiding the ills that arise in society from excess in its use.


Tick Talk Ireland

Mission statement:

To benefit the community and advance education by engaging in and encouraging research into the control and prevention of Lyme Disease (Borreliosis) in Ireland and to disseminate this information to healthcare professionals, patients and the general public.

Well Woman Centre

The Dublin Well Woman Centres were founded in 1978 to help Irish women access family planning advice and services. We now operate three medical centres, and influence public policy and awareness by speaking out on women's health issues.

The Three Key Objectives are:

  • Advocating women's health and social well being.
  • Providing an affordable, high quality, women focused health care service.
  • Pioneering for change on the issues that impact on a woman's well-being.