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Youth Work Ireland

The Youth Work Ireland (formerly National Youth Federation) is the largest youth work organisation in Ireland. As the coordinating and development agency for Local Youth Services in Ireland, Youth Work Ireland is committed to promoting community based youth services which are relevant accessible and attractive to young people.

Through our nationwide network of young people committed volunteer leaders and staff, the organisation seeks to improve the situation of young people by delivering high quality youth work services.

Youth Work Ireland Louth

Louth Work Ireland (Louth) offers opportunities to young people to advance and encourage the personal, social, emotional, spiritual, physical, cultural and political development of young people through engagement in a range of activities, events, programmes and projects which endeavour to be both stimulating and challenging. Youth Work Ireland (Louth) aims to broaden the horizons and life expectations of young people and assist them in reaching their full potential as active and positive citizens in their community.

YPAR ( Young People at Risk)

Young People at Risk (YPAR) initiative is located in the North East Inner City (NEIC) of Dublin, which experiences some of the highest levels of deprivation and marginalisation in the city


To live in a place of hope, equality and opportunity where young people and their family’s dreams are realised