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Young Christian Workers (YCW)

The YCW is an international youth movement, which values the dignity and worth of each young person. It enables its members to challenge social exclusion and take action to bring about change in their home, their workplace and their social life.

Founded in Belgium in 1925 by Fr. Joseph Cardijn, the YCW believes that each young worker has a vital role to play in the solving of his or her own needs and problems. Starting with their own lives members are encouraged to Review their Life and look at possible solutions to bring about change.

Young Irish Film Makers

Young Irish Film Makers is a youth media education service dedicated to the personal, social, cultural, critical and intellectual development of young people from all social backgrounds.

We deliver a wide range of developmental and educational media training programmes that nurtures the abilities of young people to become skilled social users and critical creators rather than passive consumers of the media.

YIFM is a not for profit, registered charity. All income is reinvested in our youth education and training services.

Youth Advocate Programmes, Ireland

Youth Advocate Programmes (YAP) Ireland's mission is to provide an alternative to the institutionalisation of vulnerable young people through services which maintain them in their communities.

It provides young people and their families with the opportunity to develop, contribute and be valued as assets so that communities have safe, proven effective alternatives to institutional placement.

YAP Ireland have programmes in the following areas:
- Galway / Roscommon
- Limerick
- Dublin
- Meath / Cavan / Louth / Monaghan
- Cork

Youth Theatre Ireland

Youth Theatre Ireland is the national development organisation for youth theatre. We support a network of youth theatres who deliver year-round programmes of drama workshops and performance opportunities to young people aged 12 - 21 from cities, towns and villages across Ireland.

Youth Work Ireland

The Youth Work Ireland (formerly National Youth Federation) is the largest youth work organisation in Ireland. As the coordinating and development agency for Local Youth Services in Ireland, Youth Work Ireland is committed to promoting community based youth services which are relevant accessible and attractive to young people.

Through our nationwide network of young people committed volunteer leaders and staff, the organisation seeks to improve the situation of young people by delivering high quality youth work services.

Youth Work Ireland Louth

Louth Work Ireland (Louth) offers opportunities to young people to advance and encourage the personal, social, emotional, spiritual, physical, cultural and political development of young people through engagement in a range of activities, events, programmes and projects which endeavour to be both stimulating and challenging. Youth Work Ireland (Louth) aims to broaden the horizons and life expectations of young people and assist them in reaching their full potential as active and positive citizens in their community.