Sunflower Recycling

To develop a recycling facility in Dublin north inner city and in so doing, to develop a strategy for creating sustainable jobs.

Sunflower aims to offer opportunities for training and capacity building of long-term unemployed in general terms.

Sunflower's mission is to improve the local physical environment and help combat social exclusion in the community.

Sustainable Ireland

Sustainable Ireland is an education based workers' cooperative committed to raising awareness about sustainability and offering ideas and solutions to issues related to sustainable living.

Our activities are informed and directed by our core programme areas: Rethinking the City, Green Building, Open Source, Whole Systems, Eco-Economy, Permaculture, Youth Forum, Global-Local, Ecotourism, Bioregionalism, Energy, Waste, Sustainable Culture, Traditional Wisdom, New Cosmology.

Sustainable Northern Ireland

Sustainable NI is a not for profit organisation established in 1997 to assist local authorities, the community and voluntary sector, central government departments, non departmental public bodies and the business sector in understanding, promoting and encouraging the adoption of sustainable principles in all aspects of our lives.


VOICE of Irish Concern for the Environment (VOICE) is one of Ireland's leading independent environmental organisations, established following the closure of Greenpeace Ireland. Since our foundation we have continued the vital work of campaigning for the Irish environment.

VOICE spearheaded action in 1998, calling for a tax on plastic bags to end the huge annual waste of plastic. The tax was successfully introduced in 2002.

VOICE is promoting long-term solutions to our waste crisis, such as waste prevention, recycling and reuse.