Global Action Plan - Cork

Global Action Plan (GAP) is a world wide network of organisations aiming to promote and support sustainable development by the design and delivery of programmes that cultivate personal empowerment. It is the very high emphasis placed on empowerment that defines GAP, sets it apart from most approaches and is responsible for its success.  Personal empowerment is seen as fundamental to promoting behavioural change and behavioural change is in turn seen as fundamental to promoting a change of core values such as beliefs, attitudes and perspectives.

GM-free Ireland Network

The GM-free Ireland Network is an association of individuals and organisations collaborating to keep the whole island of Ireland free of genetically modified (GM) animal feed, seeds, trees, crops, livestock, fish and food.

Our members include farmers, foresters, food producers, food distributors and exporters, leading chefs and restaurants, NGOs, professional associations, doctors, economists, lawyers, journalists, students, and consumers.

Irish Environmental Network

Welcome to the Irish Environmental Network. In May 2008 our organisation changed its name from The Environmental (Ecological) NGO’s Core Funding Ltd (EENGOCF) to The Irish Environmental Network.

Irish Environmental Network (IEN) represents to government the capacity building and funding needs of its member organisations, all of whom are involved in one way or another in the well-being, protection and enhancement of the environment. All these individual organisations attempt to achieve these aims through:

Website: https://ien.ie/

Irish Peatland Conservation Council

The Irish Peatland Conservation Council's mission is to conserve a representative sample of the bogs of Ireland for future generations to enjoy. The IPCC is an independent conservation charity entirely supported by voluntary contributions.

Area of Work:
Conservation projects include: purchasing bogland nature reserves, providing resources and training for teachers and education groups, repairing damaged bogs, fostering a positive attitude towards bogs, and encouraging lifestyles in harmony with the environment.

Just Forests

Just Forests is a voluntary organisation founded in September 1989, in response to concern about global deforestation and wood wastage. Just Forests supports the concept of sustainable development and the wise use of natural resources - in particular wood.

Native Woodland Trust

The Native Woodland Trust is dedicated to the preservation and expansion of Ireland's remaining Ancient woodlands and their flora and fauna. As the least wooded country in Europe, Ireland has less than 0.2% of her woods left, with all large animals (except Red Deer), all Eagles, several birds of prey and many other speices extinct.

By restoring the natural habitat of Ireland, we hope to be able to restore our distinctive wildlife and preserve it for future generations.

Recycle IT

Recycle IT is an award winning, social enterprise, not for profit founded in 2002. Recycle IT engage in electrical, electronic and metal recycling to create training opportunities and employment. Our team delivers nearly 10,000 free community collection across Dublin and surrounding areas each year with a particular focus on disadvantaged communities.

School of Transport Engineering, Environment & Planning - DIT

The School of Transport Engineering, Environment and Planning is a multidisciplinary school, which brings together the disciplines of transport, logistics, environment and planning.

Our mission: We prepare graduates to be career ready and enabled with the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on our environment, society and economy. We are committed to promoting sustainable development within the disciplines of transport, logistics, environment and planning.

Slaney River Trust

Slaney River Trust represents angling clubs, fishery owners and those interested in working in partnership with communities in the Slaney Valley, with Government at national and local level and with anyone who has an interest in improving the ecology, fisheries and riparian wildlife of rivers.

The Trust hosts fishing classes, seminars and field trips in the Slaney Valley, and also encourages volunteers to participate in the habitat improvement programme.

Sonairte Ecology Visitor Centre

Sonairte, which is a registered charity, is an Ecology Centre in Laytown, Co Meath. The emphasis at the centre is education for all ages especially school goers, in ecology, sustainability and nature appreciation. There are also a variety of courses run throughout the year for both adults and children.