Community Development-Renewal

Volunteer Ireland

Volunteer Ireland is the national volunteer development organisation and a support body for all local Volunteer Centres and Volunteering Information Services in Ireland. Our goal is to make sure that everyone who wants to volunteer, can volunteer.

West Limerick Resources

West Limerick Resources is a community development organisation that works to achieve positive change in the lives of people and groups in West Limerick.

The efforts of West Limerick Resources are directed at building a stronger community through the enhancement of personal and community identity, values, places, structure and services.

YMCA Ireland

The main focus of YMCA work in Ireland is supporting young people to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. YMCA Ireland works with 26,000 young people and families.  Over it’s long history it has been involved in working with young people on signature programmes in vocational training, family youth-work, leadership development and international engagement.

Youth Advocate Programmes, Ireland

Youth Advocate Programmes (YAP) Ireland's mission is to provide an alternative to the institutionalisation of vulnerable young people through services which maintain them in their communities.

It provides young people and their families with the opportunity to develop, contribute and be valued as assets so that communities have safe, proven effective alternatives to institutional placement.

YAP Ireland have programmes in the following areas:
- Galway / Roscommon
- Limerick
- Dublin
- Meath / Cavan / Louth / Monaghan
- Cork