Community Development-Renewal

Meath Arts Group

Meath Arts Group is a cultural organisation founded in 2006 seeking to support working visual artists and to promote full recognition of the value of their works. These visual artists have joined together for the benefit of  shared resources, education and marketing.


Meitheal is a community development support and training organisation. Our mission is to create change through working for equality and social justice. The way we work is guided by the values of community development, equality and feminism.

Muintir na Tire

Muintir na Tíre is a national voluntary organisation dedicated to promoting the process of community development.

It aims to enhance the capacities of people in communities, rural and urban, to become involved in local social, economic, cultural and environmental development.

National Association of Building Co-operatives (NABCo)

The representative, promotion, information, training and development federation serving the Co-operative Housing Movement in Ireland.

The Association was formed in 1973 and is jointly owned by its affiliated housing co-operatives. NABCo seeks to represent and serve their common interests and concerns.

Work programmes include the development of more new co-operative rental and ownership housing projects, information, guidance and training for management committees and members, facilitating co-operation between co-operatives for common services.

North Clondalkin Community Development Programme

North Clondalkin Community Development Programme’s vision is to challenge social exclusion within North Clondalkin by enabling the community to develop economically, socially and culturally.

We are committed to work for social change, which will improve the quality of life for the community of North Clondalkin to make it a safe, visually attractive and welcoming community.

North West Alcohol Forum Ltd

The North West Alcohol Forum Ltd is a Community initiative working to reduce of harmful drinking in the North West.

The North West Alcohol Forum Ltd is a not for profit company tackling alcohol related harms in the North West of Ireland. We work to prevent and reduce the incidence of alcohol-related harm and to increase the availability and quality of education and training programmes and services available to the communities of the North West and cross border.

North West Roscommon CDP

Northwest Roscommon Community Development Project will endeavor to improve the quality of life in the area by encouraging participation and by supporting equality of access and outcome for all.

We undertake that all the activities, policies and programmes will reflect a respect for diversity and will be developed in a flexible, caring, friendly, enjoyable and safe way.


Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA)

NICVA is the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action, the representative body for voluntary, community and charitable groups in Northern Ireland.

As well as representing our sector's interests in Northern Ireland, NICVA provides over 1100 members member organisations with information, advice and training on a wide range of issues.

Voluntary and community organisations or non-governmental organisations play a huge role in the life of Northern Ireland. There is a high level of public participation in voluntary action.

Northside Partnership

Meeting the Challenge of Social Inclusion

The mission of the Northside Partnership is to be the driving force in meeting the challenge of social inclusion in the designated area.

The company will meet this challenge by mobilising a partnership of the community, social partner, and statutory and public representative sectors to

- provide services
- influence structures
- change policies