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Public Policy Innovation Series

Prompted by the recent OECD report Strengthening Policy Development in the Public Sector in Ireland, the Institute for Lifecourse and Society at the University of Galway is running a Public Policy Innovation Series on What Makes ‘Good’ Public Policy. The first Seminar will be led by Dr. Fergal Lynch, Senior Lead, Government and Public Policy Engagement, Institute and will focus on his soon to be published case study on Early Years Policy.


Relationships in Practice: “3 Day ABLE” Training

Join us to develop your understanding of how the relationships you build in your daily routine practice will impact positively on health & wellbeing outcomes for your patients and service users/clients. Using our ABLE brief intervention model (Adopt a relational approach, Build, Listen & Empower), you will also learn how to manage your time and boundaries for your own wellbeing.


Charities Regulator: Donating this Christmas?

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The Register of Charities has a record of every charity, so check you’re giving to a registered charity and give confidently this Christmas.

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