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The Research Support Programme aims to fund projects which respond to key topical issues in housing and have the potential to impact on housing policy and practice.

The 2021 Research Support Programme is strongly aligned with the Government’s Housing for All plan.

For 2021 the Housing Agency is interested in proposals under the overarching theme of Housing – Our Shared Future, under two main research strands.


Cork WIN is a local training initiative based in Shandon, Cork City. We are currently recruiting for our QQI level 4 IT and office skills course. Our course offers excellent training across 9 individual modules from Office skills, IT, business calculations to customer service.
Our course has been running since 2006 and is incredibly successful in helping students develop a pathway to return to the workplace and or further education. Cork WIN is an empowering space where the needs of our learners are paramount.


‘Coming Out Day’ boost for Irish Pride Events

The 2021 International Coming Out Day theme that ‘Discrimination Thrives in Silence’ is being marked with campaigners here announcing support granted to boost Pride celebrations, events and gatherings across the country.