Rialto Community Drug Team: Invitation to Tender - Communications Plan 2023 and Beyond

Invitation to Tender
Communications plan 2023 and beyond

Rialto Community Drug Team’s mission is to care and support individuals, families and children affected by addiction in our community, to inspire change and growth, reduce harm and increase choice. We offer addiction support services and advice in a respectful and confidential environment. Now in our 30th year we are looking to focus on telling the wider community about the valuable work we do and how people can better access our services. To that end we are seeking to develop our communication plan.

Key requirements

  • Explore and lead the rebranding of RCDT – not just as a new logo but linked to a set of contemporary messages and values for a new decade, within the context of Covid and what could be a period of further economic, social difficulties and divides and align with the RCDT strategic Plan (2023-27)
  • Developing key messages for the service, as above.
  • Dialling up our digital and social media capacity – dovetailing with our new website as a living window into your work and the community we work within, and increasing our social media presence, but focused on your key audiences, within our capacity.
  • Develop pointers towards research and community based evidence.
  • Planning communications to be “always on” – developing an annual calendar of activities with a number of proactive launches or announcements but always being tuned into what’s going on to be ready to react and be relevant to the ongoing national narrative.
  • Build a focus programme around the delivery of a number of key events in 2023 our 30th anniversary year.

Desirable experience/qualifications

  • Experience in developing communication plans
  • Understanding and experience of the role of messaging and framing in campaigns, on social media and the media
  • Experience of working with the media and managing relationships with key stakeholders
  • Good understanding of the community and voluntary sector.
  • Knowledge of media cycles.
  • Understanding and analysis of addiction sector would be helpful but not essential
  • Experience of linking communications to possible fundraising strategy

Aims and Objective

Initially, the key aims and objectives will be practical and achievable over the first year. They are to:

  1. Increase internal communications, public relations and advocacy capacity within RCDT.
  2. Up-date and upskill digital and social media presence.
  3. Develop a robust and practical communications plan for the year with 2-3 key proactive, co-ordinated media and advocacy actions – this will be based on issues (eg. Increase in heroin use, polydrug use, drug debt, grooming of young people, police shortfalls etc.) projects, experience, time sensitive issues and trends (eg. Covid-19 response and impact on disadvantaged communities), research, innovations and unique partnerships over the coming year.
  4. Increase participation in events – webinars, on-line fora, political briefings and presentations, citizen’s assembly preparation stages if possible.
  5. Strengthen inter-community communications – work to ensure that RCDT becomes an even stronger hub for community partnership, co-ordination, support and innovation.
  6. Increase RCDT’s profile as the oldest, first and most innovative community drug group in the country – the voice of authority, experience and a better future – with proactive and reactive events and interjections into the national narrative on drugs, health and addiction.

Proposed Budget:

  • The successful tender will be awarded on a value for money basis, within a maximum budget of €6,300 to include all costs including administration costs, expenses incurred and VAT.
  • Applicants should provide a breakdown of costs.
  • A tax clearance certificate must be provided prior to the awarding of any contract.


A payment schedule will be agreed with the successful applicant. The following schedule is proposed:

  • One third to be paid on signing the contract
  • One third to be paid on receipt of draft communications plan
  • One third to be paid on receipt of final communications plan
  • Payments will be made within 28 days of receipt of an invoice. If at any stage during the development of the communication plan, the agreed level of quality of the plan development is not adhered to, payment may be withheld.

Copyright and Confidentiality:

The consultant will be required to assign copyright of the report to Rialto Community Drug Team (RCDT). Copyright for any illustrations or other material used should be cleared by the consultant. Sections of the report may be made available for public use by RCDT.

How to apply

Please email response with outline of proposal and costing to Alan Cleere at alan@rcdt.ie by 6pm Friday 10th February 2023.

For further information please see our website www.rialtocommunitydrugteam.ie or Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/Rialto-Community-Drug-Team-109017694147167/
Or call 0879525721.

General Info

Date Entered/Updated
23rd Jan, 2023
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10th Feb, 2023