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The Community Alcohol Detox Project Management Group seek suitably qualified individuals/organisations to evaluate the development of a Community Alcohol Detox framework across four Task Force areas D12, Ballyfermot, the Canal Communities and the SICDATF.

1. Introduction

The Drug Task Forces are committed to implementing the goals of Government policy on drug and alcohol use as set out in the National Drugs Strategy (NDS) Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery 2017 – 2025. The foundation for the strategy is the Healthy Ireland Framework. The strategy aims to promote healthier lifestyles within society and encourage people to make healthier choices around drug and alcohol use.

Five strategic goals have been identified under the NDS:

  • Promote and protect health and wellbeing
  • Minimise the harms caused by the use and misuse of substances and promote rehabilitation and recovery
  • Address the harms of drug markets and reduce access to drugs for harmful use
  • Support the participation of individuals, families and communities
  •  Develop sound and comprehensive evidence-informed policies and actions

Local and regional drug and alcohol task forces implement the national drugs strategy in the context of the needs of their local area. This project was designed to be employed in all Task Force areas.

2. Project Background

A consultation with Task Forces and the HSE regarding the additional funding of € 1 million, for the implementation of the National Drugs Strategy; ‘Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery; the Minister of State for Health Promotion and the National Drugs Strategy, Catherine Byrne TD, approved a three-strand funding model, details of which are set out below; Strand 2 strategic health initiatives, which reflect the guiding principles :

  • ensure evidence-informed policies and practice
  • provide an integrated model of care based on population need
  • develop coordinated service delivery at the regional level
  • contribute to strategic actions on emerging trends and complex needs
  • strengthen the performance of the strategy
  • reflect good corporate governance
  • ensure service user involvement.

The Community Alcohol Detox Project is a strategic regional response that spans four Local Drug Task Force areas, D12, Ballyfermot, the Canal Communities and the South Inner City. The project aims to target individuals who would like to address their alcohol use. The project's strategic vision is to improve the health and well-being of people who have alcohol dependence or are engaged in harmful drinking. A dedicated worker engaged with Task Force staff and project staff to develop robust interagency protocols in line with the National Drug Rehabilitation Framework (NDRF). The project aims to build on existing resources and expertise to respond to the impact of problematic alcohol use, and to generate a Community Alcohol Detox Framework. This will be achieved by providing staff training to increase the skills required to work with people engaged in harmful drinking, strengthen good practices develop a website, a manual and materials as a support resource. Other elements of the framework consist of communications mechanisms, promotional information, and using the National Drugs Rehabilitation to reinforce interagency work.

3. Submissions

This should include a brief proposed methodology. We expect the methodology to include a combination of desk research as well as interviews with key internal and external stakeholders.

  • A summary of the consultant’s previous experience and relevant qualifications,
  • Profile or CV of the individual/organisation
  • Contact details for two referees
  • A timeline for all work activities, the timeframe of days to undertake the work and detail of costs.
  • Detailed budget
  • Identification of any conflicts of interests

Decision making procedure

  • All tenders received will be reviewed by a panel appointed by the PMG
  • Shortlisted candidates may be asked to present their tender

Each tender will be assessed based on:

  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the brief
  • Proven track record
  • Applicant’s understanding of Local Drug and Alcohol Task Forces.
  • Quality of the tender document submitted, with clear timelines and project plan.
  • Applicant’s understanding of the community and voluntary sector.
  • Experience in relevant methodologies
  • Knowledge and experience in working with multi-agency groups and key stakeholders
  • Cost

4. Consultant Specifications

The person or people hired to undertake this consultancy should possess the following qualifications and skills, at a minimum:

  • Experience in conducting evaluations of programmes demonstrated through the provision of previous evaluation reports
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and experience working with NGOs
  • Knowledge of Addiction services
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Good relationship management skills
  • Adherence to agreed-upon timeframes and deadlines.

5. Timeframe

The work should commence in February 2023.

6. Further Information

A valid tax clearance certificate must be supplied when an invoice is submitted for payment. Proof of public liability insurance must be included with the tender.

7. Budget Available

The total budget for this work is up to €7,000. The consultant will be responsible for all tax, VAT, and other associated liabilities. Travel and auxiliary costs must be included in the cost.

8. How to Apply

Tenders should be submitted to – by close of business on the 10th of February 2023. If you have any informal queries, please contact Keri Goodliffe, at

Other information:

  • This piece of work is being funded through Strand 2 Ministerial Funding
  • Price increases during the term of the contract will not be accepted.
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