Limerick PPN: Invitation to Tender – Limerick PPN Strategic Plan

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Limerick Public Participation Network

Limerick Public Participation Network

Invitation to Tender: Development of Strategic Plan 2023-2028

1. Limerick PPN

Limerick Public Participation Network (PPN) is a network of community, voluntary, social inclusion and environmental organisations, working together for a better Limerick.

Limerick Public Participation Network enables the community to be represented in decision-making processes such as Limerick City and County Council committees and local public consultation processes.

Limerick Public Participation Network is a countywide network that facilitates people from the community, social inclusion and environmental pillars to participate in local decision-making and policy-development structures. It is part of the framework for public participation in local government and it has a statutory basis in the Local Government Act 2001 (as amended) (Section 127). Membership is made up of eligible groups/organisations.

Limerick PPN aims to provide open, inclusive and transparent representative structures that will feed a broad range of ideas, experience, suggestions and proposals from PPN member groups from across Limerick City and County into policies and plans being developed by agencies and decision makers and is committed in its practices to implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The core function of the PPN is to be an independent and formal structure to elect and support community representatives on Council committees, in particular:

  1. Strategic Policy Committees (SPC’s)
  2. Joint Policing Committee (JPC)
  3. Limerick Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

The PPN is made up of a number of interconnected structures, which are:

  1. Plenary: The full membership of the PPN (excluding Associate Members) is referred to as the Plenary and it is the Governing Body with overall responsibility for the PPN. It meets at least twice a year in Plenary session and one of the sessions includes the Annual General Meeting of the membership.
  2. Pillars: The PPN membership is divided into three pillars or sectors namely, Environmental, Community/Voluntary and Social Inclusion. Each member organisation/group chooses the Pillar which best represents their primary interest.
  3. Municipal Districts: The City and County of Limerick comprises of four Municipal Districts: Limerick Metropolitan, Adare-Rathkeale, Cappamore-Kilmallock and Newcastle West. A PPN member’s Municipal District is determined by where they primarily operate or their official address.
  4. Secretariat: the Secretariat is the key day-to-day administrative body within the PPN structure. As the PPN is a flat structure, all Secretariat members are equal, with no offices held by anyone. A Facilitator for the Secretariat meetings is chosen from amongst the members with an agreed term of no more than six (6) months. The Secretariat is made up of 10 members: 2 from each of the pillars/sectors and 1 from each of the Municipal Districts. The PPN strives for gender balance in the membership.
  5. Linkage Groups: a Linkage Group for an external committee is a collection of PPN member groups/organisations who have a particular interest or expertise in the issues being discussed by that committee. They ensure that all PPN members play a direct role in choosing their representatives on council committees, participate in influencing policy that affects them, and are kept up to date with developments. Linkage Groups are open to all PPN member groups/organisations regardless of which Pillar, Municipal District or Sector they belong to.

Linkage Groups are established by the Secretariat following a formal request from Limerick City and County Council, or other agreed external body, to the Secretariat seeking PPN representation on a specific committee(s) and the numbers of representatives required, including any specific criteria attached. The Linkage Group will elect the representative(s) from within its membership.

Linkage Groups operate under the auspices of the PPN Plenary and report to the PPN via the Secretariat. New Linkage Groups may be established by the Secretariat on an issue basis or as requested. A Linkage Group lasts the lifetime of the committee it is aligned to (e.g., when the SPC Scheme closes, the Linkage Group closes) or a Linkage Group formed to feed into a specific public consultation will close when this consultation process is finished.

2. Brief

  1. Objective

Limerick PPN needs to prepare a Strategic Plan for the period 2023– 2028. We wish to engage the services of a consultant to guide us through the process of preparing the Plan and to write the document up for us in a format which is ready for publication.
3.1 Limerick PPN Strategic Plan 2023 - 2028
The Limerick PPN Strategic Plan will guide the work of the PPN over the next 5years. This plan will be broken into 4 to 5 core areas:

  • Network / Operations (How we operate the PPN)
  • Representation (How we organise our participation)
  • Members (How we support and strengthen our member groups)
  • Messaging (How we communicate)
  • Wellbeing (How our work contributes to the wellbeing of communities)*
    These core areas are open to change, based on the consultation and research carried out during this process.

The final core areas should each have a set of actions/objectives for the PPN to work on and progress over the lifetime of the Strategy. Inter-agency actions/objectives should also be included.

Limerick PPN Vision for Community Wellbeing

* The Wellbeing area of this Strategic plan should be cognisant a future development of the above.

  1. Project Approach

The successful consultant will guide the PPN through the strategic planning process to arrive at the production of an agreed Strategic Plan. We envisage that the planning process will include at a minimum the following:

  • Work closely with the Limerick PPN Resource Worker and the Limerick PPN Secretariat committee to:
  • Carry out a SWOT analysis (i.e. Where the PPN is at) with Secretariat committee, PPN representatives and PPN member groups
  • One to one meetings with PPN Resource Manager, Secretariat, Representatives and member groups along with emails and telephone calls with PPN Resource Manager
  • Facilitate 3no. consultation workshops, held in the evening
  • Develop a survey to gather further responses and information from those unable to attend workshops.
  • Collate feedback/information and distil into common themes.


  • This project should be cognisant of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Limerick Local Economic and Community Plan and any other relevant strategy / plan.
  1. Budget

A maximum of €8,000 is available for this project inclusive of V.A.T and all expenses. Payment will be phased and linked to progress. Prices and rates quoted should be expressed in euro (€) and exclusive of VAT. The VAT rate(s) applicable should be indicated separately.
Limerick PPN reserves the right to withhold payment where a contracting company has failed to meet its contractual obligations in relation to the delivery of goods / services to an acceptable level of quality.

  1. Timeframe

The closing date for receipt of responses to this tender is 30th of January 2023.
It is anticipated that Limerick PPN will have selected a candidate within 2 week of this date and an agreed start and completion date settled.

  1. Consultant experience and competencies required

The Consultant(s) appointed should possess the following: -

  • Experience of development of Strategic Plan or similar documents.
  • Experience of supporting Community and Voluntary organisations.

3. Schedule

The project is intended to be completed within a 4 month period and will commence in February/March 2023.

4. Proposal Assessment

Assessment of submitted with be completed by a subgroup of the Limerick PPN Secretariat.

5. Costs & Administrative Issues

The budget for this project is €8,000 (including VAT). Payment will be made in two instalments, 50% on signing of the contract and 50% upon completion. Prices and rates quoted should be expressed in euro (€) and inclusive of VAT. The VAT rate(s) applicable should be indicated separately.

Limerick PPN reserves the right to withhold payment where a contracting company has failed to meet its contractual obligations in relation to the delivery of goods / services to an acceptable level of quality.

Costs must include

  • Any issue that may impact the cost.
  • VAT and expenses.
  • A breakdown of days to complete the project, to include the number of persons involved, cost per day per person and the roles of persons involved.
  • Price increases during the term of the contract will not be accepted

Limerick PPN will not be liable in respect of any costs incurred by any Tenderer in the preparation of tenders in response to this Invitation to Tender or any associated cost.

Tax Clearance
The successful Tenderer must be in possession of a valid tax clearance certificate for the duration of the contract. Such a valid tax clearance certificate from the Irish Revenue Commissioners must be produced by a successful Tenderer before execution of the contract.

The successful Tenderer must produce valid public liability insurance.

Ownership of Documents and Copyright
Limerick PPN will remain the sole and exclusive owner of all end products and of all intellectual property rights in the products supplied to and from Limerick PPN in the course of the contract, irrespective of whether or not the contract is terminated prior to its completion.

Submitting Applications
Applicants must submit the following to be considered for this contract:

  1. Proposal, including detail addressing the project requirements
  2. CV demonstrating qualifications, skills and experiences of the project personnel
  3. 2x Professional References.

Notification of Tender Acceptance
Limerick PPN shall notify acceptance of the tender to the successful Tenderer as soon as reasonably practicable. Unsuccessful tenderers will be notified when the appointment of the successful tender has been confirmed.

Terms of Appointment
The successful Tenderer should be in a position to start work in February/March 2023 and work should be completed within four months of the start date.

Subject to Contract
This Invitation to Tender is not intended to, and does not, create or evidence any legal or binding relationship, obligation or commitment of any nature between Limerick PPN and any Tenderer. No such legally binding obligation or commitment shall come into being unless and until a formal legal contract is duly executed and delivered by Limerick PPN and the successful Tenderer.

This document is for information only and does not constitute, and shall not be interpreted as, an offer for sale, prospectus, or the basis of a contract. Candidates are recommended to read the documents thoroughly. Limerick PPN reserves the right to discontinue the procurement process at any time. No liability will be accepted for candidates' costs in connection with the procurement procedure, irrespective of the outcome, whether or not the procedure is cancelled or postponed.

The contract shall contain provisions reserving to Limerick PPN the right to terminate any contract awarded if it is not satisfied with the performance by the successful Tenderer of the contract. The satisfaction or dissatisfaction of LIMERICK PPN shall be evaluated in the context of the Tenderers proposal set out in this document.

Contact Details
Applications must be submitted electronically by 30.01.2023 to Queries can also be sent to this email address.

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