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A piece of facilitated work with young gay and bisexual men, developing safe spaces for them to discuss homophobia, exploitation within the gay, bisexual and MSM + community, and their experience of hook up apps and local cruising areas.

The project will provide a platform for young men to discuss coming out, and their hook up and dating experience, with a peer group of young men. Through eight full-day workshops over two years across the country.

It will create a peer support space for them to explore the needs of young gay and bisexual men, based on their experiences, both positive and negative while using online dating apps. This will provide the opportunity for them to come together and discuss their safety needs as a community.

This project will be participant led, focusing on the safety of gay and bisexual men. It is an opportunity to explore experiences of sex crimes, related to the invisible hook up/cruising culture. This project will explore and perhaps prevent exploitation of younger gay men through this medium in the future. This is an opportunity to discuss their sense of being unsafe, and to discuss how gay men were historically treated and criminalised in Ireland. This project is developed specifically to give the target group the space to share their experience and in doing so, to endeavour to improve the user experience of dating apps. Overall, the project aims to create a community where young gay and bisexual men feel safer, empowered and aware of dangers, are more resilient and feel protected.


Outcomers is an organisation that provides services for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Community. We have been in existences for 24 years and our main office is situated in the centre of Dundalk Town. Our services include the provision of support and information in the North East Region.


  • Bring together this peer group to discuss a shared trauma.
  • Facilitating spaces for young gay and bisexual men to share their experiences of accessing dating apps.
  • Providing space for these young men to discuss the issues and examine how this behaviour, and the behaviour of others has led to lack of confidence, self-esteem, feelings of shame and helplessness. This will provide a unique opportunity for young gay and bisexual men.
  • Since the popularity of dating apps, we have never addressed the fact that young men are engaging in much more adult experiences with older men and never getting the opportunity to talk about the impact of this.
  • The development of a digital resource to be shared with service providers (e.g., app providers) to raise awareness of the dangers of covert usage of their services.


  • High level of competency in using a range of computer applications, budgeting and negotiation, event organisation, event promotion and facilitation.
  • A minimum of three years’ experience, should have a thorough knowledge of, and experience of organising and facilitating events.
  • Excellent organisational, time management, verbal, and written communication skills together with the ability to multi-task and prioritise their workload.
  • Demonstrate excellent personable skills, empathy, and an understanding of the need for confidentiality in all aspects of this project.
  • Applicant should be a well rounded person who has an understanding of the impact of trauma, be self-aware and have the ability to identify potential support requirements.
  • Clear understanding of the dating app culture
  • Ability to work on own initiative
  • Applicant must know and understand the guideline on Children first and working with vulnerable people.


  • Use of own car and a full clean driving license as travel will be required, engaging with service providers and service users.
  • Experience using Dating Apps and their culture.


  • Conference venues to be agreed with Outcomers management team.
  • Payment will be made in four instalments of 25% on contracting and every 6 months thereafter for two years, final payment will be made on the completion of all events and reporting of the project.
  • The project will be delivered over 24 months.
  • Total budget over two years €30,000

Key Outputs:

  1. Overall, the project aims to create a community where young gay and bisexual men feel safer, aware of dangers, are more resilient and feel protected.
    • Develop a survey, to be distributed country wide via online and hard copy.
    • Plan, develop and deliver an innovative, youth-friendly workshop program to be delivered over two years across the country.
    • Develop and agree with Outcomers’ management team the criteria for selection of project participants.
  2. To organise eight full day workshops facilitated with a group of gay and bisexual young men.
    • Identify areas (both rural and urban) where focus groups should be facilitated in.
    • Develop a series of workshops to be facilitated throughout the day.
    • Organise, promote, and facilitate 8 regional workshop days with gay and bisexual young men.
  3. Disseminate project findings and best practice with other organisations and networks.
    • Develop two reports – one for each year of the project and launch the report findings with other organisations present.
    • Develop a digital resource with participants to share with other organisations and service providers (e.g., app providers).

Tender requirements:

Tenderers are asked to present the tender document addressing the following tender assessment criteria:

  1. Name and contact details of individual / organisation submitting the tender with qualifications and experience of persons including CVs. Include details of any similar work undertaken.
  2. Proposed Methodology
  3. Itemised Costings
  4. Names and contact details of one referee
  5. Confirmation of ability to provide up to date tax clearance and ability to provide professional indemnity insurance – evidence required prior to commencement of appointment.
  • Availability and ability to deliver the project within the specified timeframe (10%)
  • Experience of the tenderer including expertise and a proven track record (30%)
  • Overall methodology and quality of the proposal including any innovative approaches (30%)
  • Understanding of the project proposed format for delivery (20%)
  • Cost (10%)

Applications before the 3rd of February at 5pm

Apply with Proposed Plan and CV to admin@outcomers.org

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