Midland Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force & HSE CADS: Invitation to Tender



Midland Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force & HSE CADS (Community Alcohol & Drug Service)

Tenders sought for the delivery of Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) Training Programme


The Midland Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force (MRDATF) is one of ten Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Forces in Ireland that were set up in 2003 on foot of recommendations from the National Drugs Strategy (NDS), to facilitate a more effective response to the drugs problem in areas experiencing the highest levels of substance misuse and involve those directly affected by the problem in the development of an area based drug strategy. The MRDATF and its sub-structures bring together members, representing the community, voluntary and statutory sectors, public representatives and key interest groups to develop and co-ordinate a collective and integrated response to drug and alcohol problems in the midland region which covers the catchment area of Longford, Westmeath, Laois and Offaly. This partnership work is carried out under actions as set out in the National Strategy Reducing Harm Supporting Recovery, A health-led response to drug and alcohol use in Ireland 2017 – 2025.

HSE CADS (Community Alcohol & Drug Service) was established to deliver a range of services to include assessment, treatment and rehabilitation in the community. These services are available to both adults and U18’s who are concerned with their own or another person’s drug and/or alcohol use. The overall purpose of the service is to seek to minimise drug and alcohol related harm in order to have a positive impact on individuals, families and communities. The service also offers assessment and treatment for gambling addiction.

MRDATF & HSE CADS co-ordinate and fund a range of Drug & Alcohol Prevention & Treatment Support Services which operate across the four midland counties. The services are as follows:

Merchants Quay Ireland (MQI) DATS (Drug & Alcohol Treatment Support) Project This Project delivers a community based Drug & Alcohol treatment support, family support & family support specialist services and harm reduction to individuals over 18 years and families. Staff team includes one Service Co-ordinator, five Drug & Alcohol Project workers & one Family Support Specialist position.

HSE Under 18 Addiction Service This Service commenced on 1st January 2023 and delivers a community based Drug & Alcohol Prevention & Treatment support service to individuals under 18 years and families. Staff team includes one Social Care Leader, four Social Care Workers, U18 Addiction Counsellor, Snr Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Nurse Specialist.

The MRDATF & HSE CADS is seeking expressions of interest from suitably experienced/qualified individuals or organisations to deliver the following training to the staff team in the services as detailed above:

  1. Deliver Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) training. CRA is a comprehensive behavioral program for treating substance-abuse problems. It is based on the belief that environmental contingencies can play a powerful role in discouraging or reducing excessive drinking or drug use. Consequently, it utilizes social, recreational, familial, and vocational reinforcers to assist consumers in the recovery process. Its goal is to make a sober lifestyle more rewarding than the use of substances.
  2. Deliver Adolescent CRA (A/CRA) training. CRA the original model is focussed on adults only & Adolescent CRA is focussed on young adults up to the age of 23
  3. Deliver CRAFT training. CRAFT is an evidence based treatment programme for family members of service users engaged in treatment or who are not ready to engage in treatment and is designed to increase the chances of the substance users entering into treatment as well as improving the lives of the Concerned Significant Others (CSO’s). In relation to the CRAFT training it is proposed that those participating in this training will be made up of relevant members from existing HSE Treatment Services, the MYDAS & DATS team but also in attendance will be staff operating within other relevant sectors from the midland region eg. Youth Services, Family Resource Centres.
  4. Accreditation – All participants who complete the training sessions will be required to become accredited in CRA/ACRA/CRAFT and fully participate in the supervision criteria in order to ensure competency and fidelity to each model. Where required participants will also be required to attend and participate in group supervision/skills sessions

The requirements of this assignment are as follows:

A tender assessment panel will examine all tenders received. The panel will have to be satisfied that the method, training, supervision proposal and schedule meet the tender objectives and are cost effective. The panel will also take into account other criteria to include the following:

  1. Clear demonstration and understanding of training to be delivered in line with tender requirements
  2. Level, depth, nature of experience in the area (quality of and relevance of previous work). Training will only be delivered by a fully accredited trainer who is proficient in the CRA/ACRA/CRAFT model
  3. Applicant must clearly detail an outline of training and the number of training workshops to be delivered. This information to be captured on a proposed detailed training and supervision timetable/schedule which must be included in the application submitted.
  4. Ability to effectively manage and complete the contract within given timeframe.
  5. Overall assessment and quality of training & accreditation process proposal.
  6. Be informed by the overall aims and objectives and actions of the National Strategy Reducing Harm Supporting Recovery, A health-led response to drug and alcohol use in Ireland 2017 – 2025 and the Healthy Ireland Framework 2013-2025.
  7. Disclosures of any conflict of interest.
  8. Description of cost to include the following:
    - Number of days required and a daily charge
    - Detail breakdown of costs for each training module eg. Cost of individual training workshop, cost associated with participants submitting tapes & supervision costs
    - Overall costing should be clearly detailed and specified with a breakdown of the individual elements
    - Fixed price cost including VAT where applicable
  9. Must attach reference for similar work carried out recently
  10. Detail of any other relevant information the applicant considers appropriate
  11. All applicants must be registered for tax purposes and have evidence that they are tax compliant

The MRDATF & HSE CADS does not commit itself to accepting the lowest of any tender. The lowest quote will not necessarily guarantee the contract. Once the tender has been accepted, any price increases during the term of contract will not be accepted

Conflict of Interest

Any interest involving the Contractor, MRDATF or HSE CADS or its staff or their relative must be fully disclosed in the response to this Invitation to Tender. It should be communicated to the Co-ordinator of the MRDATF & Regional Manager HSE CADS immediately upon such information becoming known to the Contractor or in the event of this information only coming to their notice after the submission of a bid and prior to the awarding of the contract.

Reporting Mechanism and Structure

The appointed Contractor will be required to liaise with and give regular updates to the MRDATF Co-ordinator & Regional Manager HSE CADS on an ongoing basis.

The appointed Contractor will be required to comply with the following:

  • Sign a contract with the MRDATF & HSE in advance of commencing the assignment.
  • Deliver the assignment within the agreed prescribed time frame contract period.
  • Failure to comply with timeframes may result in penalties being imposed in relation to the payment of fees

Term of Contract

The appointed Contractor must be in a position to commence the training and participant’s accreditation process in mid April 2023 with a completion date no later than of 31th October 2023.

Applicants will need access to transport and be available to travel within the midland region. A guarantee must be provided in relation to the provision of all relevant insurance to include professional indemnity, employers liability and public liability insurance.


The applicant must detail the overall cost (inclusive of VAT) associated with the delivery of the training and accreditation process to cover the term of the contract. A detailed breakdown of costs for each training model to be detailed to include costs per participant in terms of tapes and supervision.

Funding will be drawn down in three stage payments with agreement of the MRDATF & HSE 1/3 on awarding and signing of contract, 1/3 half way through the training programme/schedule and 1/3 on completion of training programme and accreditation process. Price increases during the term of contract will not be accepted.


Applications should be submitted to Antoinette Kinsella, Co-coordinator, Midland Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force and the closing date for receipt of applications is Monday 30th January 2023 before 5pm.

Applications that are delivered after this date and time or incomplete will not be considered. Applications will be accepted by post to Antoinette Kinsella, Co-ordinator MRDATF, Health Centre, Coosan Road, Athlone, Co Westmeath or by email to antoinette.kinsella1@hse.ie

Shortlisting may apply following initial assessment of tender applications, and selected applicants for this commission may be required to attend an interview and make a presentation to the MRDATF Finance & Governance subcommittee .

NOTE: No responsibility for late arrival of emails or correspondence will be accepted by the MRDATF

For enquiries please contact Antoinette Kinsella, Co-ordinator MRDATF Tel: 086 3800517/090 6483195 or email: antoinette.kinsella1@hse.i.e

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