County Kildare LEADER Partnership: Invitation to Tender

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County Kildare LEADER Partnership

County Kildare LEADER Partnership requests the submission of tenders for the:

  • Provision of peer researcher training with members of the Traveller community, and
  • The co-construction of research working with Traveller peer researchers into the educational barriers faced by their community in Co. Kildare.


The focus of this research is to work with the Traveller community in Co. Kildare, through a collaborative process with Traveller peer researchers to ascertain the barriers to education for that community living in Co. Kildare, and to make recommendations for rectifying those barriers.

For the purposes of this research education is considered to refer to pre, primary and post primary school levels.

An interagency group will oversee this project comprising; CKLP, Kildare Traveller Action, the local Traveller organisation based in Kildare, as well as academic, local & national organisations.

The research:

There are two parts to this research project.

Part 1 Peer research training:

  • Development of the guiding principles behind this research project including; ethical underpinning, GDPR, shared understanding of what is co-construction, timeframe for the development and delivery of training.
  • Audit of the peer researchers existing skills and identification of training required to support them carry out this research.
  • Management of the research training, including responsibility for scheduling, organisation of training venues, liaising with the peer researchers, development of training resources.
  • Delivery of training in research methodologies, including but not limited to; qualitative interviewing techniques, qualitative analysis, focus group facilitation and other techniques as necessary.
  • Identify to CKLP if any issues/barriers are emerging for peer researchers with their engagement in the process.
  • Draft a briefing document on the key learnings from the peer research process, any recommendations, and learnings for future peer research projects involving Travellers, or other marginalised groups with whom CKLP may be working.

Part 2 Co-Construction of the peer research:

  • Construction of the framework (including time frame & number of days) for how this project will be realised in conjunction with peer researchers, and interagency working group.
  • Management of the research project, including; designing in conjunction with peer researchers the focus group/questionnaire content and structure, scheduling of focus groups, assimilation of data.
  • Working from a position of cultural inclusivity to support peer researchers with their participation in the research project.
  • Reporting monthly to the interagency group on the progress of the research project.
  • Identification of any barriers/challenges in the project when and if they arise and bringing those issues to the attention of key worker in CKLP co-ordinating this project.
  • Drafting research report for dissemination to the interagency group.
  • Assimilation of changes and amendments as identified by the interagency steering group.
  • Finalising of research report to a finished document, ready for publication.
  • Attend a Kildare Traveller Education conference to provide feedback in partnership with Traveller peer researchers.

While the consultant is expected to support the peer researchers to realise their tasks in relation to this project in order to ensure adequate support for the peer researchers, support & supervision will also be provided internally within CKLP.

CKLP is fully aware of the challenges associated with a peer research project of this nature and does not underestimate the time required to adequately support the peer researchers to be co-constructors of the final research findings, through their active participation in the process. Therefore, we would encourage researchers to submit a realistic timeframe/time commitment when considering their proposals for this project.

Application process:

The deadline for receipt of completed proposals is 5pm Monday the 5th of December 2022.

Tender applications should include the subject line ‘Peer Research Tender’ and be submitted by email to .

The sole point of contact in relation to this tender call is Nicola Fogarty, Social Inclusion Programme Manager. All queries or requests for information to this tender must be via email to the address Queries and requests by phone or post will not be responded to. All tenderers will be advised by email of any significant issues raised by any Tenderer.

Confidentiality of Evaluation

After the official receipt of tenders, information relating to the examination, clarification, evaluation and comparison of tenders and recommendations concerning the award of contract will not be disclosed to tenderers or other persons not officially concerned with such process.

Your tender should include:

  • Names and CV’s of the personnel undertaking the work along with relevant experience and qualifications.
  • Demonstrate experience of working with the Traveller Community and cultural understanding and empathy
  • Project Management Methodology: The Proposal must include a detailed description of how the proposer intends to deliver the work with a focus on how outcomes will be delivered.
  • Provide evidence of prior experience and track record in the delivery of similar projects.
  • Details of two referees from previous relevant projects and provide soft copy/ or link to previously completed projects of a similar nature.
  • A timeline for project completion.


Your tender should outline how your proposed budget will be broken down:

  1. Cost of each lead person/consultant x number of days x rate per day (including VAT)
  2. Breakdown of costs between peer research training and the co-construction of a research report
  3. Any other costs related to the realization of this proposal
  4. Specification of applicable VAT rates

The maximum budget available to this research project will be €24,000.


A payment schedule will be agreed with the successful applicant. The following schedule is proposed:

  • 35% to be paid on signing the contract.
  • 25% at midpoint of the timeframe outlined in tender for realization of project and based on a midterm report being submitted.
  • 40% to be paid when project is fully completed.

Assessment of Tenders

The following criteria will be used to determine the successful tenderer.

Criteria - Maximum Marks

  • Experience of working with the Traveller community and demonstration of cultural understanding and empathy - 20
  • Experience of specific researchers assigned to this project - 20
  • Quality of response to tender - 20
  • Demonstrable commitment to peer led research methodology - 20
  • Value for money - 20

Total Marks - 100

Ownership of the information and final report

Ownership of data and reports related to the project will reside with County Kildare LEADER Partnership.

General Conditions

  • The lowest price proposal received is not a guarantee of award of contract. Suitability and previous experience as well as availability will be a consideration.
  • It will be a condition of appointment that the proposer appointed shall be able to produce for inspection a valid Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Payment for services covered by the proposed contract will be on foot of appropriate invoices, which will be based on agreed deliverables. Invoicing arrangements will be agreed with the successful proposer, following the award of contract.
  • The proposer will be required to provide regular updates to awarding body during the contract.
  • All costs must be quoted in Euro, specify if VAT inclusive or exclusive applies. The total estimated costs should be clearly stated and must be a single fixed figure quotation.
  • Any conflict of interest involving a tenderer must be fully disclosed to County Kildare LEADER Partnership particularly where there is a conflict of interest in relation to any recommendation or proposal put forward by the tenderer.
  • In the event of a group of respondents jointly submitting an acceptable offer, the contract will be awarded to one contractor who acts as the agreed prime contractor. The prime contractor is responsible for the delivery of all services provided under the terms of the contract and shall assume all the duties, responsibilities and costs associated with the position of prime contractor.
  • The successful tenderer shall be responsible for the delivery of all services provided for within the contract based on a fixed fee. Prices quoted cannot be increased during the currency of the tender. Similarly, terms and conditions cannot be altered.
  • The contractor will be required to adhere to the provisions of the agreed data processing services schedule of the data processing agreement, which must be entered into prior to the delivery of the programme.
  • Where County Kildare LEADER Partnership engages a Third Party for services involving personal data of our staff or course participants, County Kildare LEADER Partnership are obliged to ensure that the Third Party must protect personal data through sufficient technical and organisational security measures.
  • Therefore, when engaging a Third Party in these circumstances, County Kildare LEADER Partnership must enter into a written data processing agreement. This is a mandatory legal requirement of Section 80 of the Data Protection Act 2018 and Article 28 of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

County Kildare LEADER Partnership retails the right to terminate the contract and to withhold payment where a contractor fails to meet his/her contractual obligations in relation to the delivery of the required services.

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