Disability Participation and Consultation Network: Invitation to Tender

Disability Participation and Consultation Network

DISABILITY PARTICIPATION AND CONSULATION NETWORK (DPCN) is seeking a suitably qualified consultant to facilitate the Development of a 3 year Strategic Plan for 2023-2025

The Disability Participation and Consultation Network (DPCN) is a Network, initiated by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) in 2020. The Network was established as a move towards fulfilling some of Ireland’s obligations under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), and in particular, Article 4.3, as clarified by General Comment 7. This Comment reiterates the importance of the participation of disabled people through Disabled Peoples Organisations (DPOs), in the implementation and monitoring of the Convention.

During a facilitated process in 2021, the Steering Group of the DPCN developed a terms of reference and clarified its role and purpose as follows:


The DPCN is a Network of civil society organisations concerned with the rights of disabled people under the UNCRPD. The DPCN is not a Disabled Person’s Organisation (DPO) as defined by the UNCRPD. In line with the Convention, the DPCN promotes and supports the prioritisation of DPOs as a means of consulting with disabled people and enabling their effective participation in influencing policy and legislation.

The DPCN aims to:

  • Empower the voice of disabled people.
  • Support the voice of disabled people in being heard, listened to, and acted on.
  • Build the capacity of disabled people to support their meaningful engagement and active participation in legislation and policy.
  • Be a force for change, ensuring the Network makes an impact and influences policy and legislation.


The role of the DPCN is to support the active engagement and direct consultation of disabled people, DPOs and other disability organisations in the development of legislation and policies.


  • Acts as a hub to track developments in policy and legislation that affects disabled people.
  • Informs members about these developments so they can influence decision-making processes.
  • Takes a leadership role in developing and promoting models for effective participation and consultation with disabled people.
  • Facilitates communication and the sharing of knowledge, information, and experience amongst members.
  • Promotes activism and builds the capacity of disabled people to effectively engage with legislation and policy.
  • Advocates for adequate funding and resourcing of DPOs; and
  • Strengthens solidarity among disabled people and across the disability movement by identifying shared themes and positions.

Tender Outline

The DPCN now wishes to recruit a consultant to facilitate the development of a strategic plan that will guide the work of the Network over the 3 year period 2023-2025.

Using the existing Terms of Reference and the current Operational Plan as a starting point, the consultant will facilitate the members of the Steering Group of the DPCN to:

  • Review from their perspective, the current context for disability activism in the Republic of Ireland and identify the strengths, challenges, opportunities and threats for disability activism in the three years from 2023-2025.
  • Review the current Terms of Reference and finalise a Vision and Mission Statement for the DPCN.
  • Identify clear strategic objectives for the DPCN for the 2023-2025 period and indicative actions, outputs and outcomes for the year 2023, in the context of the available resources.
  • Review the roles and responsibilities of the grant funded members of the DPCN including reporting relationships to the DCEDIY.


  • Ongoing record of the key discussion points from each facilitated session.
  • A revised Terms of Reference and a statement of Vision and Mission
  • A 3 year strategic plan for the DPCN for 2023-2025 and an indicative operational plan for 2023.
  • A document outlining agreement on the membership and organisational structure for the DPCN over this period, and the roles and responsibilities of the grant funded members of the DPCN including reporting relationships to the DCEDIY.

Timeframe and Budget

The work should commence in September 2022 and be completed within approximately 3 months.

The steering group members have committed to attending 4 x 2 hour facilitated sessions to progress this work. As some of the members of the Steering Group participate voluntarily, some or all of this work may need to take place outside of normal working hours. We expect that 3 of these sessions will take place online and we would like, if possible, that one of these sessions should take place in person.

The DPCN will cover the cost of ISL interpretation for all sessions, and the cost of a venue and refreshments for the in-person session.

The tender should include the following information:

  • Consultant(s) profile and relevant experience
  • Overall approach to the work
  • proposed methodology for the work to be undertaken
  • Detailed costings
  • Details of two referees
  • Timeframe for completion of tasks


The contract for this work will be with Inclusion Ireland as the organising member for the DPCN.


Send applications to: disabilityparticipation@gmail.com

Applications from people who have a lived experience of disability will be welcomed.

Closing Date

The closing date for receipt of applications for this tender is 4 October 2022.

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15th Sep, 2022
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4th Oct, 2022