SAOL Project: Invitation to Tender

SAOL Project Tender for Research into the quantitative and qualitative experience of Domestic, Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Dublin’s North Inner City.


SAOL is an all-female drug rehabilitation and education service based on Amiens Street Dublin 1. SAOL have been working with Women from the North inner city who are impacted by addiction, trauma, poverty, and other issues for 27 years. In 2020 in response to Women presenting with an experience and domestic sexual and gender-based violence SAOL applied and successfully secure 3 years funding through Rethink Ireland for DAVINA (Domestic Abuse and Violence is Never Acceptable). DAVINA is a peer partnership programme that works with and for women who experience Addiction and DSGBV it is both a psycho educational programme with a strong focus on Advocating for women who experience this dual issue.


This project seeks to increase awareness and understanding on the issue, scope and impact of addiction and domestic abuse on the North inner City to strengthen advocacy and organizational capacity to respond more effectively to women who are experiencing addiction and domestic abuse. Currently women who have this dual issue experience a binary approach and are often excluded form services due to their addiction and are not made safe from their abusers because of a lack of understanding and response to women in addiction and domestic abuse. This project will ultimately increase evidence to amplify advocacy on behalf of this community. The only service currently working with Women who experience addiction and domestic abuse is SAOL through the DAVINA Programme however we seek to increase evidence to influence change in attitudes in An Garda Siochana, Domestic Abuse services and addiction services.

Scoping the numbers of women who experience DV and Addiction in the North Inner city through quantitative and qualitative research will amplify this hidden but insidious issue which will continue to compromise the safety, security and healthy outcomes of women, families and this community if remained unaddressed.

Project Aims and Objectives

  • Design measurement tool to scope the scale of Women and families who have experienced Addiction and DSGBV within a geographical area.
  • Demonstrate through literature review the impact on families from a health and pro social perspective.
  • Increase evidence to advocate through direct quantitative research into the number of women in the North inner city who are experiencing addiction and domestic abuse through intimate partner violence and or coercive control or as children experiencing domestic abuse in their family of origin.
  • Increased awareness and understanding through qualitative research into the issue. Women must be active participants in this process through maintaining agency over their life experience.
  • To focus the project within the environs of the North Inner City to strengthen advocacy for a more holistic response to this dual issue.
  • This Project must adhere to the values of its community-based setting which is trauma informed practice with a feminist lens and works with participants as equal partners in the process.
  • This Research is for publication, the objective being that this research will demonstrate the need for a new approach to this issue to help women in recovery from Addiction and DSGBV and be a key tool for SAOL and DAVINA to Advocate with stakeholders, policy makers and funders.

It is anticipated that the Researcher(s) will use a mixed methods approach to consulting with the community and relevant stakeholder organisations. This may include:

  • Household surveys – face-to-face and/or online surveys
  • Diaries and other creative methods
  • Community focus groups
  • One to one interview with key stakeholders

It is anticipated that the Researcher(s) will: consult with community members, the community residents, staff and DAVINA Advisory Group members, NEIC, Garda Siochana, Domestic Violence Service Providers and Addiction Support services and other relevant groups and agencies providing services in the area. In addition, it is expected that the researcher will engage secondary research methodology to gather key socio-economic data which will underpin and inform the research project

Research Outputs:

The research will produce a detailed Quantitative and Qualitative study on the scale, scope and impact of addiction and DSGBV in Dublin’s north inner city which will include

  • An Executive Summary
  • A detailed area profile for Dublin 1, 3 and 7 and in demographics 2022. This area equates with that of the NICDATF area.
  • Identification of emerging trends and issues for individuals living in the area
  • Identify key legislative and regulatory and service delivery strategies that inform and govern the response to women and children impacted by DSGBV and Addiction
  • Identify opportunities to respond to local need
  • A compassionate and rights based participatory qualitative report that reflects the human story of women and children impacted by the issue.
  • Timeframe:
  • It is expected the research will be completed over 1 year period commencing circa late September 2022.

Budget: Total monies available for this research is €18,000. There is no more money available, so please cost accordingly.

Expertise and Essential Requirements

  • Due to the sensitive nature of the research project, you must have a proven track record of engaging with the client group.
  • Understanding and passion for the issues of DSGBV and Addiction
  • Access to Ethics Committee
  • Experience and expertise in communication with a range of Stakeholders.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with a strong track record in rights-based participation.
  • Experience of conducting community consultations particularly in areas of higher socioeconomic disadvantage.
  • Experience of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies
  • Excellent communication, facilitation, and inter-personal skills
  • Knowledge and experience of community development principles and be willing to work in a trauma informed manner in partnership with SAOL Staff team and culture.

Proposals must include:

  • Details of the approach to the work and methodologies to be used
  • Name of applicant(s) and/or organisation with which the current contract will be placed
  • Details of Ethics committee access.
  • Number, details of roles and input, and expertise of all staff to be involved in the project
  • Curriculum Vitae (including the names of organisations for whom similar consultancy work has been completed) for all those who will have input
  • Proposed budget plan to ensure that all aspects of the proposal and in line with the budget outlines.

In addition, the following should be included:

  • A list of previous similar consultancy projects undertaken and completed
  • Evidence of relevant qualifications of personnel who will be involved in this contract
  • Tax Clearance Access details
  • A copy of relevant insurance
  • Details of Garda Clearance in line with SAOL working with vulnerable people policy.

Pease send Proposal to SAOL CEO Gary Broderick at and please address all queries to SAOL CEO at 01 8553391

Closing Date for Proposals COB 07/10/2022

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