One Family: Request for Tender

One Family

Invitation to tender to transition, support and monitor IT system for One Family

Request for Tender

The purpose of this tender is to achieve the following:

  • Advise and create an IT roadmap for all One Family IT infrastructure and services.
  • To transition and improve current IT infrastructure as per One Family roadmap.
  • To guide and support One Family in user access control best practices.
  • Productivity reports to evaluate IT needs.

Please read the attached tender specification for full details.


One Family has a diverse portfolio of varied support services within the organisation. We would like to amalgamate current software systems and applications into as few as possible and to optimise use, permitting continuity of IT system and infrastructure within the organisation. We also look to reduce the number of service platforms, reducing the overall costs.

Current applications include MS365, WordPress and Salesforce. Future strategies include moving existing IP phone systems to softphones, migrating file sharing from onsite server to a consistent cloud storage.

Tender Submissions/Contact

Please return tender with IT Support Proposal in the subject line to Jo Chee at email: with all queries directed to same.
Tenders will be accepted by email only. The onus is on the applicant to ensure their tenders have been received on or before this deadline.
The contract for service rests with One Family. The primary point of contact for the successful consultant will be Jo Chee, Office Manager at One Family.

One Family expressly reserves the right to:

  • Extend the time of lodgement of responses to the Request for Tender and/or to vary the timings and process for their Request for Tender.
  • Vary any requirements of the services required for the Request for Tender.
  • Following evaluation, accept or reject any or all responses to the Request for Tender.
  • Seek and obtain clarification of any responses to the Request for Tender, including additional information.
  • Request providers to amend their responses.
  • Accept any proposal in part or in total.


The closing date for receiving proposals is COB, 07 October 2022.

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5th Aug, 2022
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5th Oct, 2022