The Ford Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre: Invitation to Tender

The Ford Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre

1. Invite to Tender.

The Ford Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre wishes to engage suitably qualified person(s) to conduct a feasibility study for the development of an adolescent counselling service.

The Ford provides professional, safe, accessible counselling/ psychotherapy and family support that will meet the changing needs of the people and communities in Co. Wexford.

There is an identified need for adolescent counselling services in County Wexford. The Ford is seeking to explore the potential of adding an adolescent counselling to the services it provides.

The feasibility study will include:

  1. The compilation of a list of adolescent counselling services currently provided in County Wexford. The list should include the service provider's name, contact details, the counselling services being provided, the adolescents' age profile, and their capacity to deliver the service. It should also provide the most recent census data on the adolescent number, age profile and geographic distribution within the County.
  2. Identify national adolescent counselling providers focusing on those who already have or may be interested in providing a satellite service in conjunction with The Ford. For providers interested in developing a joint service with The Ford, outline their details as outlined in Item 1 above.
  3. Based on Items 1 and 2 above, develop the business case for establishing an adolescent service under the Ford umbrella. The case must address:
    1. Justification of the need for the service.
    2. The target adolescent age group for the service.
    3. Child protection responsibilities and legal requirements.
    4. Qualification requirements of counsellors to deliver the service.
    5. A list of agencies and services that will provide referrals with estimates of their demand for the services.
    6. Policy and procedures for the operation and delivery of the service.
    7. Schedule of payments for services.
    8. Suggested location(s) and counselling environment for service delivery.
    9. Suggested Operational Plan for year 1 of operation.
    10. Preparing and delivering the report and presentation to The Ford's Board, Management Team and Tusla, the funders.

2. Format of Tender

The tender document should include:

Name and contact details of the person or persons

  • A coy of the applicant’s Tax Clearance certificate, or a statement from the Revenue Commissioners confirming suitability on tax grounds.
  • Outline of qualifications (CV) and experience (outline of previous work).
  • A clear outline of the implementation plan and delivery timeline.
  • Outline of cost.


Any conflict of interest involving the contractor and staff / counsellors at the Ford must be disclosed in the application for tender.

The Ford reserves the right to seek additional information while reviewing the received tender documents.

3. Expected Project Start Date

September 12th, 2022.

4, Evaluation of Tender

The Ford will evaluate tenders received using the following three criteria:

  1. Quality of the proposal and timelines 50%
  2. Experience and qualification of the tender 25%
  3. Cost 25%

5. Submission of tender

Tenders should be submitted by email to before August 26th, 2022.

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2nd Aug, 2022
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26th Aug, 2022