Clare Children and Young People’s Services: Youth Mental Health Needs Assessment

Clare Children and Young People’s Services

Invitation to Tender:
Clare CYPSC Youth Mental Health Needs Assessment


This project is being coordinated by the Clare Children and Young People’s Services committee with funding from the Healthy Ireland 2022 fund. A dedicated CYPSC multi-agency Working Group has been established to oversee the development of this piece of work.

The Clare CYPSC intends to develop a proposal which will be presented to national funders, requesting the need for a level two mild – moderate community based youth mental health service.

The purpose of this piece of work is to capture needs and responses to needs, based at level two, mild - moderate presentations.

The age range would cover young people aged 12 – 25 years old. Data gathered in this report will form the core part of the proposal.

What is a mild - moderate community based mental health service?

There are usually three levels of service provision which agencies/organisations operate under. Provision can be categorised under the following scale of need;

  1. universal provision needs,
  2. mild - moderate needs,
  3. severe - complex needs.

Some services only offer provision targeting one particular level of need whereas others may offer interventions across all three levels. Examples of mild – moderate presentations could be any of the following:

  • Behavioural difficulties and parent guidance
  • Emotional problems such as anxieties, worries and fears
  • Relationship difficulties within the family
  • Adjustment to a traumatic event


The successful candidate will collate and engage with the following key stakeholders. A composite report of findings and recommendations will be produced.

The successful candidate will deliver the following:

  1. Engage with young people through focus groups/interviews/surveys in relation to their own views on youth mental heath as well as what they would like to see regarding community based provision ( minimum 100 participants)
  2. Engage with community and voluntary services through focus groups/interviews/surveys in relation to their own expertise on youth mental heath as well as what they would like to see regarding community based provision.
  3. Engage with statutory services through focus groups/interviews/surveys in relation to their own expertise on youth mental heath as well as what they would like to see regarding community based provision.
  4. Engage with parents through focus groups/interviews/surveys in relation to their own views on youth mental heath as well as what they would like to see regarding community based provision. ( minimum 50 participants)
  5. Develop a basic statistical profile of mental health service demands in Co. Clare of 12-17 year olds and 18-25 year olds ( i.e. referrals to statutory services, community based referrals to local Family Resource Centres, Youth provision, school based mental health supports being sought through Guidance Counselors etc)
  6. Recommendations are developed following the above data collection with regard to the most essential elements any new community based mild-moderate mental health service should consider.

*The element of the work which will involve engaging with young people directly will not commence until Garda Vetting has been completed.

Members of the Working Group will endeavour to support the successful candidate with contacts to establish focus groups/interviews with stakeholders.


The final report, including recommendations, will be completed within 16 weeks of signing the contract. The outlined timescale is as follows:

  • Friday 2nd September 2022 – Closing date for receipt of applications
  • Short-listing will apply. Interviews will take place mid-September.
  • Start of October – Commencement of Needs Assessment
  • Reporting / Progress Milestones will be agreed with the successful candidate with an expectation that the recommendations report will be completed by the start of February 2023
  • Payments will be made on a staged basis in relation to agreed milestones and satisfactory completion of the research and production of the report

Consultant / Researcher Profile:

  • The consultant will have an in-depth knowledge of appropriate research methodologies and a proven, published track record in relation to comparable research.
  • The consultant should have an in-depth understanding of community and family functioning with particular reference to youth mental health and youth mental health service provision, both community and statutory.
  • The consultant should have experience in relation to developing service delivery models with reference to: staffing / governance / models of intervention / mechanisms of delivery / costings & budgets
  • The consultant will have experience in relation to ensuring that the project respects and honours the rights of participants in relation to confidentiality, dignity and GDPR requirements.


The consultant will be expected to:

  • Work in partnership with the commissioner and the Working Group
  • Collate, review and analyse relevant sources and all available data pertaining to youth mental health ( ages 12-25 years) in Co. Clare.
  • Proactively engage with the above stakeholders in a creative and professional manner in order to achieve optimum participation.
  • Deliver progress report updates in line with a schedule of agreed delivery dates.
  • Furnish Garda Vetting details to the commissioner on the day of offer in order to expediate the Garda Vetting process.

Consultants / Researcher should furnish the following as part of their submission

  • Their approach and detailed methodology in undertaking this commission paying particular attention to methods of youth engagement
  • The number, details of roles and input, and expertise of all staff to be involved in the evaluation, and their specific relevant experience.
  • Curriculum Vitae (including the names of organisations for whom consultancy work has been completed)
  • Relevant samples of relevant previous work
  • Two recent references ( referees must be available in July to receive a call from the commissioner)
  • Submit a recent Tax Clearance certificate

Tenders should clearly and individually cost each element of the work outlined in the proposal and the sum should include staff costs (and where relevant, third party expenses), travel, subsistence, word and data processing, printing, and all other overhead expenses as well as VAT.

Payments will be phased and linked to progress.

The maximum budget for this work is €24,000 ( inclusive of VAT)

Management and Expectations

The following terms and conditions regarding the management of the project and the expertise expected from the consultant(s) also apply:

  • The management of the project and the consultant(s) will be reporting into an interagency Working Group structure.
  • The consultant will be required to submit at least two drafts of the final report, the second of which will be informed by comments and suggestions by the project’s Working Group.

Short listing may apply following initial assessment of tenders, and selected consultants tendering for this commission may be required to make a presentation to a selection sub-committee.

Should the commissioned person not deliver updates and reports to the Working Group within a reasonably accepted timeframe as agreed in their contract, the commissioner has the right to withhold further payment and terminate the agreement.

(* Extensions may be negotiated in exceptional circumstances, however the Working Group must be made aware of any extension requests in a timely manner)

Consultants are required to return their submissions to the undersigned

NB: Please reference: CLARE CYPSC YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH SUBMISSION in your e-mail subject line

Submission deadline is: 5pm Friday 2nd September. Any queries regarding submissions will be followed up on after mid – August

Interviews will take place the week of 19th September 2022 with work beginning in early October 2022.

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