South Dublin County Partnership: Invitation to Tender

South Dublin County Partnership

Invitation to tender for
Development of 5 Year Strategic Plan
Rowlagh Community Centre


South Dublin County Partnership is seeking tender proposals from suitably qualified persons/organisations to undertake a consultation process with the local community and relevant stakeholder organisations and produce a 5-year Strategic Plan for Rowlagh Community Centre.


The Rowlagh Community Centre located in North Clondalkin was developed from the dedication and commitment of the local community, who in-turn collaborated with South Dublin County Council to establish the centre. The values, supports and programmes offered by the community centre are embedded in the practice of community development and the vision is one of unity and collaboration with community and key stakeholders in the area. At Rowlagh Community Centre, we are passionate about providing a wide range of activities accessible to all within the local community and we want to encourage members of the local community to be socially active in a safe and friendly environment.

The community centre is, at present, under the management of South Dublin County Partnership, with an advisory group in place to inform the strategic development of the facility. Plans for the community centre will include the establishment of a Board of Management and requisite governance structures. In addition, the 5-year strategic plan will be developed with input from the local community and key stakeholder groups and will identify development opportunities for the centre to ensure sustainable growth into the future.

Project Aims and Objectives:

The overall aim of this project is; to develop and commence implementation of a 5-year strategic plan with the intention of maximising community activity and participation within the centre; to devise a best in class governance model which will create safe spaces for vulnerable members of the Rowlagh Community; to develop a management framework which will be conducive to enhancing the range of services available to the community and ; to establish a panel of trained governance personnel who may in time form an independent Board of Directors to oversee the management of the centre.

A key part of developing this strategic plan will be to undertake a consultation process with the local community and relevant stakeholder organisations and this will inform the content of a 5-year Strategic plan for the future development and sustainability of the Rowlagh Community Centre.

The consultation should elicit views and perspectives from community members and relevant stakeholder organisations in respect of the role and work of each organisation in the community as well as the broad needs of the community.


It is anticipated that the Researcher(s) will use a mixed methods approach to consulting with the community and relevant stakeholder organisations. This may include:

  • Household surveys – face-to-face and/or online surveys
  • Community focus groups
  • One to one interview with key stakeholders

It is anticipated that the Researcher(s) will: consult with community members, the community residents’ association, staff and Rowlagh Advisory Group members, South Dublin County Council, South Dublin County Partnership and other relevant groups and agencies providing services in the area. In addition, it is expected that the researcher will engage secondary research methodology to gather key socio-economic data which will underpin and inform the 5-year strategic plan.

Research Outputs:

The research will produce a detailed 5-year strategic plan for Rowlagh Community Centre which will include:

  • An Executive Summary
  • A detailed area profile for Rowlagh and trends in demographics 2022 + 5 years
  • Identification of emerging trends and issues for individuals living in the Rowlagh catchment area
  • Identify key legislative and regulatory obligations governing the management of the centre and an outline training schedule to facilitate adherence to obligations
  • Identify opportunities to respond to local need by the Rowlagh Community Centre
  • Identify stakeholders and their role in the area
  • Develop a stakeholder communications plan
  • Develop a framework for an effective Board structure for Community Centre including an indicative timeline for the establishment of a trained cohort of local representatives who together with agency representative may form a Board of Management
  • Produce an implementation plan and timeline for all key strategic activities to include:
    • An operational and service delivery model including staffing
    • Governance structure
    • Financial revenue model including the identification of potential new funding sources


It is expected the research will be completed over a 4-month period commencing circa late September 2022.


€400 to €450 per day inclusive of all costs, including VAT, is available for this project, maximum number of days anticipated circa 25 to 28.

Expertise required:

Proposals are invited from interested and experienced persons/organisations who must be suitably qualified to perform the duties necessary to reach the desired outcomes, this includes:

  • Knowledge and experience of developing strategic plans and familiarity with models of sustainability for community facilities
  • Knowledge and implementation experience of business planning for community infrastructure
  • Experience of conducting community consultations particularly in areas of higher socioeconomic disadvantage
  • Experience of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies
  • Excellent communication, facilitation, and inter-personal skills
  • Knowledge and experience of community development principles
  • Experience of writing strategic plans and reports to publication standard in an accessible, plain English style

Proposal Submission:

Proposals must include:

  • Details of the approach to the work and methodologies to be used
  • Name of applicant(s) and/or organisation with which the current contract will be placed
  • Number, details of roles and input, and expertise of all staff to be involved in the project
  • Curriculum Vitae (including the names of organisations for whom similar consultancy work has been completed) for all those who will have input
  • Daily or hourly rate for delivery (including travel, direct contact, planning stages)

In addition, the following should be included:

  • A list of previous similar consultancy projects undertaken and completed
  • Evidence of relevant qualifications of personnel who will be involved in this contract
  • Tax Clearance Access details
  • A copy of relevant insurance policies

Tender evaluation criteria:

The evaluation panel will determine eligibility for the tender in accordance with the criteria set out below.

  • Understanding of the service to be provided and the tenderer must demonstrate relevant qualifications and expertise, experience, and a proven track-record in working with community-based projects as well as strategic planning expertise: 25% of marks
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the project methodology including inter alia; timeframes, inputs. Outputs and outcomes: 25% of marks
  • Capacity and resources to deliver the services required including contingencies with evidence submitted of relevant skills and experience of personnel: 25% of marks: 25% of marks
  • Overall cost: 25% of marks

Conflict of Interest:

Any interest involving the Tenderer and the South Dublin County Partnership, their staff, or relatives must be fully disclosed in response to this invitation at the time of submitting the tender. Any other conflict of interest must also be fully disclosed.


Payments will be made at the following key milestones:
After the awarding of the contract and following agreement of the workplan (25%); at submission of the first interim / outline report (25%) on submission of the draft final report (25%), and at final report acceptance (25%).

Application process:

Submission of Tenders Completed Tenders should be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Administration and Operations Department - South Dublin County Partnership, Nangor Road Business Park, Nangor Road, Dublin 22 and or sent electronically to subject box to be marked Tender Job Ref: 57/2022

Any queries in relation to this tender should be addressed to before 5pm on 26 August 2022.
Closing date for receipt of tenders: 5pm – Friday, 9 September 2022.

NOTE: submissions received after the deadline will not be considered

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