PAUL Partnership Limerick & Social Enterprise Limerick: Invitation to Tender

PAUL Partnership Limerick & Social Enterprise Limerick

Invitation to Tender for the provision of video and digital media content for PAUL Partnership Limerick & Social Enterprise Limerick

Background and Context

PAUL Partnership Limerick

PAUL Partnership Limerick CLG is a Local Development Company based in Limerick City. Since 1989, it has worked with local communities, groups, and individuals who are experiencing, or who are at risk of experiencing, economic and social disadvantage.

We aim to promote social inclusion and improve the quality of life of people and communities in Limerick City. We deliver services, supports and activities across 5 main areas (our Strategic Pillars):

  1. Community Development Supports: providing capacity-building and other supports to communities and groups wishing to address local issues and create positive changes
  2. Employment and Enterprise Supports: supporting individuals seeking employment or self-employment; supporting the development and sustainability of social and community enterprises
  3. Education and Lifelong Learning Supports: supporting individuals seeking education, training and lifelong learning; supporting community groups to provide education and lifelong learning opportunities
  4. Child and Family Supports: providing supports for parents, early years services, and community organisations
  5. Health, Wellbeing and Ageing Well Supports: supporting the delivery of evidenced-based health and wellbeing programmes and initiatives.

Social Enterprise Limerick

Social Enterprise Limerick (SEL) is a practitioners’ network of Social Enterprises in Limerick City which is hosted and supported by PAUL Partnership. The overall objective of Social Enterprise Limerick is to provide a local platform for Social Enterprises to meet, network, share their experiences and learn from each other. The network members collaborate and share resources to advance their Community, Social and/or Environmental goals. The network also promotes the overall concept of Social Enterprise in Limerick City.


PAUL Partnership on behalf of Social Enterprise Limerick has been approved for funding under the ARISE Programme (Awareness Raising Initiatives for Social Enterprise (ARISE) Scheme 2021) which is funded by the Dormant Accounts Fund. PAUL Partnership wishes to engage a suitably qualified organisation to provide members of Social Enterprise Limerick with a suite of video and digital media content to raise public awareness of the range and scope of Social Enterprise activity in Limerick City. The successful candidate will also provide participating Social Enterprises with basic introductory training on the use of digital editing software.2. Digital Media Content Development

A Digital Media Content development contractor will be engaged to generate a range of video and other online content for approximately 15 participating members of Social Enterprise Limerick. This will include:

  • A 30 second – 1 minute clip, featuring each member organisations key message/mission and how their Social Enterprise works with the local community. Suitable for inclusion on a range of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TiKTok etc.)
  • An organisational Case Study – Each member organisation will record a 5-10 minute video giving more detailed description of what their Social Enterprise is and does, who they work with and the social impact they have achieved
  • Individual Case Study – Each organisation will have the option of doing a Video Case Study with an individual/family who have benefited from their services. These stories have been proven to be highly effective in communicating the role and impact of social enterprises
  • Social Enterprise Collaborations – A series of videos (up to 5) will be undertaken to highlight the range of collaborations being undertaken by members of SEL across a number of thematic areas. These would include: Community Food Initiatives, Circular Economy Projects, Community Early Years Provision, Community Gardens etc.

The successful contractor will also provide each participating Social Enterprise with a Library of Digital Media Content that can be adapted for future use. The contractor will also provide participating Social Enterprises with introductory training in the use of CANVA and/or other available software for the use and adoption of the digital media content developed.

Resources Provided

PAUL Partnership and our delivery partner organisations will be responsible for recruiting programme participants. The Social Enterprise Officer in PAUL Partnership will work closely with the contractor to maximise participation and engagement among Social Enterprise Limerick Members.


The total budget for provision of video/digital content and the mentoring outlined in this tender is €42,000 (inclusive of VAT and all relevant costs and expenses).


Work on this contract will commence on Monday 5th of September 2022 and be completed by 9th of December 2022.

Terms of the Contract


Proposals are invited from interested and experienced individuals/organisations with:

  • Experience of developing and delivering Digital Media Content under the headings outlined in section 2
  • Excellent communication, facilitation and inter-personal skills
  • Knowledge and experience of working with Social Enterprises and Community Organisations
  • Collaboration: Joint submissions from different organisations/individuals will be welcome.

Proposal Submission:

Proposals should include:

  • An outline of the approach – clearly indicating how you propose to deliver the desired outcomes
  • Name of applicant(s) and/or organisation with which the current contract will be placed
  • Number, details of roles and input, and expertise of all staff and/or sub-contractors to be involved in the project
  • Cost (including VAT where applicable), broken down by person-hours/days
  • Relevant references
  • Evidence of relevant qualifications & experience
  • Tax Clearance details and evidence of Professional Indemnity Insurance

An assessment panel will examine all proposals received. Assessment criteria will include;

  1. Clear demonstration and understanding of the brief
  2. Level, depth, and nature of experience in the area (quality and relevance of previous work)
  3. Methodology and approach
  4. Evidence that they possess the relevant skills and qualifications
  5. Overall assessment and quality of proposal
  6. Cost effectiveness

Enquiries should be directed to Michael Gleeson, at or by telephone: 087 4078648 by 5pm Friday 12th August 2022.

Proposals should be submitted by email to: Closing date for receipt of proposals is 3pm Wednesday 17th of August 2022.

This project was approved by Government with support from the Dormant Accounts Fund


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