Charities Institute Ireland: Strategic Review Proposals

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Charities Institute Ireland

Call for Proposals to support Charities Institute Ireland to develop a Strategic Plan for 2023+

1. Introduction

Charities Institute Ireland is the membership and representative body for Ireland’s leading charities, with almost 250 member organisations, employing 25,000 people around the country. Our members include the leaders of ambitious organisations delivering best in class services, national organisations with household names and international charities.

Charities Institute Ireland (Cii) was created in 2016 through the successful merger of The Irish Charities Tax Reform Group and Fundraising Ireland. We are a membership and representative organisation working to support a vibrant independent charity sector, championing good governance as an enabling force through our Triple Lock quality mark and building capacity to attract increased philanthropic funding and deliver tangible and lasting impact and social change.

An Ireland that trusts and values charities for the positive contribution they make to solving challenges in our society.

To provide leadership in the sector by empowering charities to maximise their impact, particularly through best practice in governance, finance, and sustainable fundraising management.

Our Values

We are a confident, ambitious, and dynamic voice for the charity sector highlighting the significant positive social impact created by charities and the transparency and accountability standards upheld by the sector. Our Triple Lock symbol is recognised by funders, corporates, and members as the standards quality mark within the sector.

We work with partners to deliver for the sector. We are respectful, open, and responsive to the needs and work of key stakeholders in the charity sector, ensuring that the best interests of the public are served.

We encourage, enable and foster standards of excellence in management and operations by acting as a knowledge centre for charities;
providing resources, education, thought leadership, skills development, and accredited qualifications to empower them to be the best they can be and to have greater impact on those they serve.

Our Ambition
Our ambition is to grow the organisation through sustainable member growth, agile member services, topical advocacy & research, accredited education & training programmes and strategic partnerships, including the important support of the Department of Rural and Community Development. Cii’s members are among the most influential charities in size, scope, and impact, and together we work with our members, partners, and stakeholders to achieve our strategic priorities. Cii is seen as a positive enabler and partner to the sector. By advocating on key issues and creating positive awareness of the charity sector, Cii plays a significant role in building levels of trust across public, government, media and corporate sectors.

2. Background and Methodology

Charities Institute Ireland developed a 3-year strategic plan in 2019 which was reviewed in 2021 and is coming to its end in 2022. We are now looking to develop a new strategic plan for 2023 and beyond. We have established a Strategy Task Force to support this important project to which the appointed consultant will report.

We are inviting proposals from suitably qualified individuals to help us to develop a strategic plan for the next three to five years - the period is to be agreed as part of this process. The successful candidate(s) will have the ability to think critically, excellent research and engagement skills, sectoral knowledge (desirable but not essential), evidence tried and tested methodologies, group facilitation skills and a willingness to challenge the status quo and assumptions. The strategic plan will consider the big picture and include a review of the current strategic plan, consultations with board and staff members and interviews with key stakeholders including some affiliates, and other strategic partners.

3. Key Deliverables

A finalised Strategic Plan, which delivers on the following:

  1. Review the performance of the current strategic plan, including lessons learned
  2. Some external and horizon scanning, competitor mapping and Swot/Pestle analysis
  3. Consultation with Strategy Task Force, Board, and staff to include a situational analysis
  4. Consultation with a defined range of member and relevant stakeholder groups to feed in through e-consultation.
  5. Interviews with key external stakeholders, including funders, corporate partners, sector organisations and other relevant parties.
  6. Integration of ESG objectives into our strategic and business plans.
  7. Reporting progress at intervals to the Task Force.
  8. Drafting a strategic plan for initial review by the Task Force, to include vision, mission, values, strategic options, goals and objectives, actions and KPIs, and Critical Success Factors.
  9. Production of a final strategic plan, following feedback for review by Cii Board.

4. Duration of the Project

The project should commence in July 2022 and be completed by October/November 2022, with key delivery milestones along the timeline. A draft timeline is available by request

5. Submission of Tenders

Experienced consultants/facilitators are asked to submit a proposal that should include:

  1. Background information with C.V.
  2. Evidence of prior experience in delivery of similar projects and facilitating groups of diverse stakeholders
  3. References
  4. An outline of the proposed methodology
  5. Quotation in Euros and inclusive of VAT, showing a breakdown of days required to deliver the project and including all costs associated with the work such as preparation time, travel expenses and any other expenses as required.
  6. Confirmation of the applicant's capacity to undertake and complete the work in the required timeframe
  7. Disclosures of any conflict of interest.
  8. Agreement to attend post-tender interview, if required.
  9. Tax Clearance Certificate.

Charities Institute Ireland shall not accept any responsibility for any expenses or loss, which may be incurred in the preparation or submission of any Tender.

6. Selection Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria:

Criterion - Maximum Score Available

  • Qualification, Relevant Experience, Track Record - 30%
  • Methodology, Understanding of the Brief - 50%
  • Cost of successful project delivery and value for money - 20%
  • Total Maximum Score Available - 100%

All prices must be in Euro (€) and include a clear breakdown of price. Failure to comply with the above selection criteria will result in disqualification from the tendering process. In the event of a tie in award scoring, Cii reserves the right to interview the tied applicants post tender prior to making a final decision.

7. Submissions

Interested parties should submit a brief, fully costed proposal to deliver the work outlined above, by 5pm on Friday 24th June 2022.

We aim to make an appointment by the week commencing 4th July 2022.

Please submit proposals electronically to:

Please note that late submission of tenders will not be accepted.

Any queries or requests for clarification should be made in writing to the above email address.

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