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A Pro-Social Approach to Community
Woodside, Enniskerry Road, Co. Dublin

Call for Tender

Respond & Tuath Housing Association Invite Applications to Tender

Key to this proposal is the development of a community plan which identifies the supports required to celebrate the strengths of individuals and families in a new and exciting housing development in Woodside, Enniskerry Road, Co. Dublin.

Introduction to Community Development / Research Proposal:

This proposal is jointly commissioned by Respond and Tuath Housing. We are currently seeking proposals from suitably qualified individuals, agencies or organisations with experience in providing community development/research services for a new exciting housing development in Woodside, Enniskerry Road, Co. Dublin. Opening in April 2022, the Woodside development is unique and will be home to people from many culturally diverse backgrounds with many different worldviews. To ensure equality for all, a key function of this proposal is to work ‘with’ and ‘engage’ individuals, families and key stakeholders from both social housing and cost rental homes to co-construct the development of a community and estate plan. The Enniskerry Road development is unique in that it is comprised of mixed tenure, 50 cost rental and 105 social homes providing safe, secure forever homes for families for individuals. The development is also unique as it is managed by 2 approved housing bodies Respond and Tuath Housing. As social landlords our primary focus is the provision of long term social and affordable housing. Core to our work however is the focus on building sustainable communities. We aim to achieve this drawing on the fundamental principles of community development to ensure supports and services are in place to meet the needs of families and individuals in our communities.

Respond, an AHB and service provider, has been working all around Ireland for 40 years. Founded in 1982, the organisation celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2022. Approximately 14,144 tenants live in 6,443 homes across the 26 counties that they either own or manage. Respond also provide a range of services for families and individuals within our communities. This includes emergency accommodation with 24/7 support for families who are homeless in six Family Homeless Services, three Day Care Services for Older People, 17 Early Learning and School Aged Care, Family Support and Refugee Resettlement services. Our aim is to provide person centred services to support people to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Tuath Housing was established and registered in 2000, awarded Voluntary Housing Status by the Department of the Environment and is a member of the Irish Council for Social Housing. Túath provides general needs and family housing in urban and rural areas, but also supported housing for the elderly and people with disabilities. With over 8,300 properties nationwide providing homes to more than 22,000 people, Tuath’s aim is to provide long-term, safe, quality housing at best value whilst locally building mixed, sustainable communities. Túath is primarily a service organisation, housing people in need and managing homes whilst responding to, engaging with and involving people to make social housing work.

Proposal Objectives:

The primary objective of this proposal is the development of a short, medium and long term plan for tenants and the community of Woodside. In commissioning the proposal we wish to employ an inclusive and participatory approach which aims to bring the community together through a variety of creative and innovative consultative workshops, the development of practical working groups with the objective of gathering data and evidence of tenant need. Through the lens of a ‘multi-sectoral whole systems approach’ the aim is to co-construct an estate plan that promotes diversity and celebrates the strengths of families, individuals and the wider community.

Scope of tender is

  • To ensure tenants are the primary beneficiaries, our work processes must begin with any problems originating from the community
  • A detailed profile including a needs/gaps analysis of services of the Enniskerry Road development and emerging trends in the wider community
  • Using participatory approaches engage with tenants to explore potential opportunities and capture emerging problems and local need
  • Profile and analysis of possible future funding streams.
  • To identify key priorities for development of ‘prosocial community’ work plans.
  • Outputs and outcomes must demonstrate impacts of the work concerning the individuals and families being supported as well as the wider community.
  • To prepare a report including recommendations for development of ‘prosocial community’ within the context of identified needs, available resources, best practice guidelines and in line with organisational community engagement strategies

Working together with housing association staff the successful tender must:

  • Establish inclusive and participatory approaches that help to bring community together to co-construct a community plan. This includes working with individuals, families and groups, including the voice of children, young people and relevant stakeholder groups.
  • Demonstrate good practice in relation to vision, programme design, delivery and evaluation methodologies.
  • Have a clear understanding of the nature and needs of individuals and families living in disadvantaged communities and offer suitable responses to need.
  • Display an ability to plan, measure and deliver effective responses to the needs of tenants and the wider community

We also aim to:

  • Increase positive engagement between tenants, parents and families on the Woodside estate, wider community and other key service partners through interactive activity
  • Increase tenant knowledge of engagement and support services in wider community
  • Increase cultural awareness and understanding among tenants and key service partners of the challenges experienced in accessing appropriate support services

The budget available for the total project will be circa €25,000 - 30,000 (inclusive of VAT and expenses). Please clearly outline all fees. The contract will be awarded based on a fixed price contract, and as such, all costs must be quoted (and indicated) as a fixed price in Euro. The successful applicant is expected to work within the agreed budget and report regularly on budgetary issues.

Application Requirements:

All applications must be submitted including: the following:

  • Information of the principal contractor including contact and background information
  • Evidence of previous relevant experience
  • Plans to use co-workers/researchers, if applicable.
  • Abstract of the proposed research project (maximum 250 words)
  • Understanding of the proposed topic
  • Methodologies and overall approach to be applied
  • Proposed budget
  • Contact details for two relevant referees

There will be shortlisting of applications and interviews will be held to determine the most suitable tender. All tenders must be submitted by Friday, 24th June 2022, in an envelope addressed to Respond Housing, Airmount, Dominic Place, Waterford, Co, Waterford and clearly marked: Tender Woodside Enniskerry. An electronic copy should be sent to Darren Hudson, Tenant Relations Coordinator Dublin & East Region at

For further information contact Darren Hudson on 051 840200 / 0872416759


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