Tipperary Infant Mental Health Project: Invitation to Tender

Invitation to Tender
Project Evaluation and updated Strategic plan 2022- 2025



"What happens in the early years affects the course of development across the life span" Weatherston,

The Tipperary Infant Mental Health Project began in 2012 as a result of a meeting between a small group of Health Professionals, IMH Specialists and Community Service Providers who were all invested in the health and well-being of babies from pre-birth to young children. It existed to support the social & emotional well-being of all babies and young children in Tipperary as a key measure to prevent the development of early childhood mental health problems. By supporting the relationship between a child at its earliest stage and the primary caregiver, outcomes improve.

The project is informed, guided and managed by the Tipperary Infant Mental Health Steering Group which is both multi- agency and multi-disciplinary. It is hosted under the governance of Clonmel Community Resource Centre, a company limited by guarantee – Company no 246862- and Registered Charity RCN 20032722 / Charity no 11709, was established in March 1996. The TIMH project meets with CCRC’s values, aims and objectives by supporting children and families and striving to support emerging needs within the community.

The Tipperary Infant Mental Health Project has been very fortunate to receive vital funding over a number of years to enable the project to upskill a large number professionals and practitioners working with young children and their families in Infant Mental Health informed practice which is then embedded in current practice through the support of Reflective Practice Network Groups.


The Tipperary Infant Mental Health Strategic Plan has provided the framework for the work since 2016. A review of work to date requires validation through a process of evaluation leading to a strategic plan which will sustain the project for the next 5 yrs

Timeframe and scope

The steering group requests the client to deliver the proposed outline of work by 16th November 2022

  1. Review existing strategic plan
  2. Stakeholder consultation as necessary.
  3. Scale of trainings by type, through geographical area, service provider & professional spread
  4. Review of Reflective Practice Networks
  5. Review structure & effectiveness of steering group
  6. Prepare a draft Strategic Plan for review

Accountability and Management

The Tipperary Infant Mental Health Steering Group will contract the client via the Clonmel Community Resource Centre.
The contact persons for the work will be the TIMH Evaluation sub-committee.

The successful candidate will:

  • Maintain regular contact the Steering Group’s appointed contacts.
  • Be flexible and responsive to the needs of the Steering Group
  • Deliver within the timelines

Tender Requirements

Tenders for this work must include:

  1. Name of applicant / organisation name, address and contact details
  2. A statement outlining the understanding of the brief
  3. Details of all personnel who will be involved, including professional profiles
  4. Description of proposed project approach, methodology, actions and timeframe
  5. Two examples where similar work has been carried out
  6. Costs – detailed per day cost and any associated costs, including VAT
  7. Notification of any potential conflicts of interest
  8. Valid E: Tax Clearance Access Number, Tax Registration number and relevant insurance.


All costs must be quoted in Euro (€), and must be inclusive of VAT where applicable
All prices quoted must remain valid for the duration of the work.
A breakdown of the total cost should be provided i.e. the number of days, daily rates being charged in respect of each individual to be involved in the project etc.

Payment will be in stages as follows:

  • 30% signing of contract
  • 30% submission of draft plan

40% receipt of final report and conclusion of the project.to the satisfaction of TIMGH

Evaluation of Tender Submissions

The TIMH Sub group will assess all applications and make a recommendation to the Steering Group
Clarification in relation to individual tenders may be sought in writing.
Unsolicited communications will disqualify during the assessment period.

A shortlisting may apply and a presentation may be invited by the TIMH Steering Group.

The contract will be awarded to the qualifying tender on the basis of the following award criteria.

  • Demonstrable and proved expertise in providing the type of work specified in previous sections, in particular, a demonstrated capacity to complete the review, plan and final report
  • Cost
  • Quality of expertise and experience

Applicants will be informed of outcomes

Receipt of submissions

Closing date for tenders :- Close of business on 27th May 2022

Hard copy only in sealed envelope must be addressed to Naomi Burke, Centre Manager,
Clonmel Community Resource Centre, Kickham Street, Clonmel Co Tipperary E91 P2N5

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