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Southside Partnership DLR

Terms of Reference (ToR)

Fundraising Consultant

Southside Partnership DLR

(daily rate & flexible dates)

To see an inclusive and just society, without discrimination, where people are encouraged and enabled to reach their full potential within strong vibrant communities.

Working in partnership to improve social and economic inclusion and build vibrant communities in Dún Laoghaire Rathdown.

Southside Partnership DLR

Southside Partnership DLR CLG is a local development company working towards an inclusive and just society, where each person is encouraged and enabled to reach their full potential and live with dignity in active, healthy and safe communities. We provide a comprehensive range of supports and services to people and communities throughout Dun Laoghaire Rathdown (DLR).

The Partnership also runs a Community Employment Scheme and a number of Tús schemes supported by the Department of Social Protection and is involved in a number of projects financed through European funds. We also host HSE funded initiatives such Healthy Food Made Easy and Living Well with Dementia, as well as a project called Southside Addressing Violence Effectively (SAVE) funded by TUSLA and the Healthy Dún Laoghaire Rathdown programme.

Funding partners of Southside Partnership

The work of the Southside Partnership DLR is supported by a range of partners including the Department of Rural and Community Development, Department of Employment Affairs &Social Protection, DLR Local Community Development Committee, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, Health Service Executive, Tusla, Dublin & Dun Laoghaire Education & Training Board.

We do not fundraise from the public, and we have accessed European Union funding in the past.

Southside Partnership is eager to diversify further its finding base, by attracting European grants as well as national and international philanthropic funding.

Initial preparations in place for the consultancy

Initial ground work has taken place, which has pulled together the following:

  • Identified Southside Partnership’s income streams and donor giving patterns for the past 5 years;
  • Identified opportunities amongst existing funding sources;
  • Packaged into mini proposals various programme activities. These activities are mainly existing activities with some additional new innovative components – the bones for mini proposals;
  • Identified a potential network that could be leveraged for funding. These are networks associated with Southside Partnership’s staff and board members, where staff and board member have offered to make an introduction to organisations where they have a contact and where there is a Corporate Social Responsibility programme in the company.

We are currently recruiting for an experienced and highly motivated Fundraising Consultant (daily rate)

Purpose of the Consultancy

The Consultant will propose a model of diversified fundraising streams. This will be achieved by reengaging with previous donors, as well as researching and pursuing new funding opportunities  with potential new donors (including national and international philanthropic funding). A key focus will be on targeting and accessing institutional funding from the European Union.

Specifically the Fundraising Consultant will:

  • Develop a Reengagement Plan for those donors and grant-making organisations who funded the Partnership’s activities in the past, but who are not currently supporting. See “Initial preparations in place for the consultancy” section for the basis of this piece of work.
  • Develop a plan on leveraging funding through networks of staff and board. See “Initial preparations in place for the consultancy” section for the basis of this piece of work.
  • Draft a report identifying relevant and appropriate European grants. This report will present themes and sectors, eligibility and criteria associated with grant streams, and types of proposals the funder tends towards. It will set out dates when calls for proposals are expected, as well as deadline for applications, and associated templates.
    Research  new funding opportunities  with potential new sources of grants including national and international philanthropic funding. From this research, develop a schedule of suitable new donors to target for 2022 and beyond who are a good fit for the Southside Partnership. These new donors will be captured in a report setting out:
    • donor eligibility and criteria
    • thematic preferences of each donor,
    • typical grant sizes,
    • timing of grants,
    • as well as the scale and patterns.
      Based on the above report, identify timelines when expressions of interests are expected, as well as the associated deadlines of the funding rounds.
      In coordination with the CEO create a tailored approach to build relationships (initial engagement strategy) with each perspective donors.
  • Pursue new funding opportunities  with potential new sources of grants including national and international philanthropic funding. In consultation with the CEO, draft and submit proposals in a targeted approach, informed by the initial engagement strategy.
  • Work with the CEO to prepare and develop content which can packaged into projects specific activities
  • Participate on weekly status update meetings with CEO.
  • Work in line with the organisation’s ethos and all written policies and procedures  as well as Data Protection legislation.


Reengagement Plan Report
Report on how to leverage funding through networks of staff and board
Report on relevant and appropriate European grants
Schedule of suitable new donors to target for 2022 and beyond
Pursue new funding opportunities
List of proposals developed and submitted to donor

Lines of Communication

The Consultant will report to the CEO and will occasionally liaise with specific programme teams to gather key data for proposal development. She/He will liaise with the Finance Manager.

The Consultant

  • A proven, successful fundraiser who has identified and developed income streams through building and sustaining relationships with donors.
  • Excellent understanding of fundraising theory and its practical application.
  • Highly motivated, organised and efficient
  • Has the ability to communicate effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Completed relevant degree(s) from an accredited institution
  • Attention to detail
  • Critical thinking


The closing date for a response to this expression of interest is COB Monday Jan 24th 2022.

To commence role in January for approximately 16 hours each week and will be completed by the end of May. There is flexibility around how the week is structured.


Remote working in line with Government advise with routine status updates with CEO.

Tender Requirements

Please submit your CV and short proposal containing the following:

  1. Name of applicant and contact details.
  2. Description of proposed project approach, methodology, actions and timeframe (max. 1 page)
  3. Examples of relevant previous work along with 2 referees, including contact details.
  4. Costs – (exclusive of VAT)
  5. Application Process to include a Tax clearance certificate

Criteria for submissions

Southside Partnership DLR reserve the right to consider candidates deemed suitable and do not bind themselves to having to accept the tender/expression of interest with the lowest stated price.

Applications will be rated on the following criteria:

  • Qualifications/relevant experience and track record (results driven personality type – a closer): 70%
  • Proposed methodology and understanding of the brief: 10%
  • Cost of successful project delivery and value for money: 20%
  • Total: 100%

Southside Partnership DLR is not able to offer feedback or rationale to unsuccessful applicants.

Queries on the proposal can he sent to

Please email your COMPLETE proposal to making the subject line “proposal for short term consultancy”.

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