South Dublin County Partnership: Invitation to Tender

South Dublin County Partnership

Tender for review and strategy development of the South Dublin County Partnership’s Children and Families Programme


South Dublin County Partnership (SDCP) is now seeking tenders from interested individuals/ organisations for the review and strategy development of the SDCP Children and Families (C&F) programme. It is expected that the review and strategy will start in February 2022 and the final report will be due in May 2022.

In light of the ramifications of COVID to our community and the additions of new programmes within the C&F team, the C&F subcommittee of the SDCP Board identified the need for a review and for the development of a strategic plan for the C&F programme within SDCP.

Overview of the Organisation

South Dublin County Partnership (SDCP) is a Company Limited by Guarantee with charitable status. We work across South Dublin County, with a focus on communities experiencing disadvantage. South Dublin County Partnership is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applicants from a diversity of backgrounds.

Our Vision

Our vision is that South Dublin County is a place where people of all backgrounds and abilities can realise their full potential within thriving communities.

Our Mission

Working with partner organisations to tackle poverty and social exclusion, focusing on the most vulnerable groups, we:

  • Create neutral spaces and opportunities for parties to work together on solutions;
  • Initiate, develop, and deliver projects;
  • Enable and empower communities;
  • Influence policy and decision-making.

Our Values

Our values are embedded in the practice of community development, both as an area of work and a way to engage with people and groups. Our approaches to this work are underpinned and informed by a strong commitment to social justice and equality and an explicit value base of:

  • Respect, integrity, and professionalism towards all our stakeholders;
  • Collaboration for effective delivery of actions;
  • Being challenging and creative in our work;
  • Transparency and accountability in all our actions and aspects of our endeavours.

Objectives and Activities

Our work is organised into six thematic areas, each with its own set of objectives as follows:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Enterprise and Employment
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Community Development
  • Children and Families

Children and Families Objectives: To support positive parenting and offer necessary supports to raising children and being a parent. To improve the quality of living and future of children by providing nurturing and stimulating environments for children, with a focus on prevention and early intervention.

The C&F programme includes:

  • Parenting Supports across the County
  • Family Learning initiatives
  • 6-12 project (after-school activities)
  • KICK (Kickboxing to Inspire & Challenge Kids)
  • The Balgaddy Child & Family Centre (including a full programme of family support services)
  • Inspiring the Future Ireland (partners with Bank of America/Google)
  • Let’s Get Digital (partners with Microsoft Ireland)
  • Early Help CE scheme (shared across Enterprise & Employment thematic)

Review and Strategic Plan Outcomes:

  • Develop a strategy to complement and support other local area strategies
  • Identify emerging trends and issues facing children and families living in our catchment area, including new communities, lone parents and children with additional needs.
  • Consider member organisations of CYPSC and other agencies delivering children and families programmes in the area. Then considering current C&F projects identify gaps.
  • Identify clear referral pathways
  • Identify stakeholders and role in this space
  • Develop a framework for an effective organisational structure.
  • Include impact measurement recommendations
  • Consult with young people/parents/subcommittee members and staff in C&F thematic

Terms of Reference

The Review and Strategic plan will address the specific projects delivered under the C&F programme of activities in SDCP.

The review will include:

  • SWOT of SDCP C&F programmes
  • Review of opportunities to work across different thematics in SDCP
  • Review of new national structures and how this effects the delivery of C&F programmes
  • Review of programmes funded by external bodies

The strategic plan will include

  • Develop Vision & Mission.
  • Develop and Select Strategic Options.
  • Establish 3 year Strategic Objectives.
  • 3 year Strategy Execution Plan.
  • Establish Resource Allocation.
  • Execution Review.

Outcomes to include:

  1. The accessibility and uptake of the service;
  2. The impact of the services on participants ability to parent, provide nurturing and stimulating environments for children, quality of life, and social connectedness;
  3. The relationships with other supporting agencies and the community and voluntary sector; – cross-referrals;
  4. The location of service provision;
  5. The limitations of the service and what and how can we improve it;
  6. Reporting structures

To complete the Review and Strategic Plan the successful tenderer will:

  • Be provided with access to relevant hard and soft copy data including funding applications
  • Consult with members from the C&F team, the manager, the C&F subcommittee and service users
  • Provide interim (written and verbal) reports and keep regular contact with the C&F manager.
  • Provide a final written report, including 3-year plan and timeline actions by May 2022.

The Tender Process

Tender Document
Contractors should ensure their written proposal takes full account of the services to be provided and the designated award criteria for the contract.

Evaluation of Tenders
Tenders will be evaluated and scored in accordance with the Criteria for Selection and contract as outlined below. While all interested parties may submit a tender, only those demonstrating that they have the required level of capability will have their tender considered.

  • A clear understanding of the brief for the evaluation.
  • Knowledge and understanding of working with/in the community sector.
  • Approach/vision outlined in the tender to meet the requirements of the review and strategic plan, including timeframe and presentation of the tender document.
  • Previous experience of evaluation work.
  • A mix of skills in relation to different types of tasks required in the review and evaluation.

Criteria for Selection

The South Dublin County Partnership will determine eligibility for this tender in accordance with the criteria set out below.

  • 25% Understanding of the service to be provided. The consultant(s) must have the expertise, experience, and a proven track record in community-based projects, as well as Children and Families strategic planning.
  • 25% Capacity and resources to deliver the services required
  • 25% Relevant skills, expertise and experience of evaluation personnel
  • 25% Overall cost

Tenders should include the following:

Review and Strategic Planning Framework Design, Methodologies, and Ethical Considerations. Describe the review and strategic planning methodologies to be used to, collect data and review programs and develop a plan. Proposals should consider the best methods for strategic planning and the limits of any one method or data source.

Data Collection & Analyses: Data collection plans should reflect the requisite timeframe for the detection of outcomes. Submissions should include how the data will be gathered and analysed (e.g. surveys, interviews, frequency, schedule, stages of data collection).

Experience: Describe previous experience in evaluation generally and specifically in the areas of community and voluntary sector, organisational development, and strategic planning. Describe your approach to project management.

Staffing: Identify the project team assigned to the review and strategic plan, including (i) CV’s, (ii) responsibilities for the project, (iii) number of days that each staff member will devote to the project, and (iv) collaboration with others to ensure there is sufficient expertise to conduct all elements of proposed evaluation.

Budget: Estimate the cost and prepare a budget, linking the costs to key activities in the work plan. The budget should reflect all evaluation costs.

References: Provide references from two clients.

Conflict of Interest:

Any interest involving the Tenderer and the South Dublin County Partnership, their staff, or relatives must be fully disclosed in response to this invitation at the time of submitting the tender. Any other conflict of interest must also be fully disclosed.


A maximum amount of €5,000 (inclusive of all fees, additional charges, and VAT) is available for this evaluation.
South Dublin County Partnership will not be responsible for any additional costs, charges, or expenses incurred by tenderers.


Payments will be made at project initiation (25%), divided equally between the interim (2) reports (50%), and at final report (25%).


Postal Applications:

Completed Tenders should be submitted in a sealed envelope marked Tender / Children and Families Programme Ref. 46 / 2022

Administration & Operations Department,
South Dublin County Partnership,
Unit D1,
Nangor Road Business Park,
Nangor Road,
Dublin 12
Or alternatively email your application to – subject box to be marked Tender / Children and Families Programme Ref. 46 / 2022

Any queries in relation to this tender should be addressed to

Closing Date for Submissions
Submissions should be submitted by 28th January 2022 and short-listed candidates may be called for interview on the week of 7th February 2022. The Partnership does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any offer.

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