South Inner City Drugs and Alcohol Task Force: Call for Tender

South Inner City Drugs and Alcohol Task Force

Call for Tender


SICDATF is seeking proposals from individuals, agencies, or companies to assist us in the development of a Strategic Plan. As part of this work, we are seeking to develop a three-year strategic plan that will inform the direction of the Task Force and the annual work plans.

About the SICDATF

Since 1998 the South Inner City Drug and Alcohol Task Force (SICDATF) has worked to reduce drug-related harms to individuals, families, and communities by working in partnership with key stakeholders in the community, voluntary and statutory sectors on the coordination and delivery of services.

The current terms of reference of Drug and Alcohol Task Forces require the committee to coordinate the implementation of the Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery Strategy in the context of the needs of the local/regional area, implement the actions in the Strategy where Task Forces have been assigned a role and promote the implementation of evidence-based local/regional drug and alcohol strategies and to exchange best practice. In addition, in the context of promoting an integrated public health approach to substance misuse, they will furnish an annual report to the designated Minister with responsibility for the National Drugs Strategy.

The mission of the SICDATF is to provide quality services for people and communities impacted by drugs and alcohol. There is a strong emphasises on community advocacy, quality standards in service provision, the promotion of human rights-based approaches, helping services be sustainable, support for staff and service user morale and building robust interagency partnerships with stakeholders in the South Inner City.

We are committed to achieving this by pursuing three strategic goals of Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery

  • Goal One: Promote and Protect Health and Wellbeing
  • Goal Two: Minimise the harms caused by the use and misuse of substances and promote rehabilitation and recovery
  • Goal Four: Support participation of individuals, families, and communities

Aim of Tender

The overall aim of this tender is to generate a Strategic Plan that will enhance the local area response to the impact of drugs and alcohol in the South Inner City.

Scope of tender

  • A detailed profile of drug and alcohol usage in the SICDATF area and emerging trends in drug and alcohol use 2018 – 2021.
  • A comprehensive needs/gaps analysis of Adult Addiction services in the SICDATF area.
  • Profile and analysis of the SICDATF funding streams.
  • Using the findings from the above to identify if the programme of funding steams is:
    • Meeting the needs of the area.
    • Are aligned with the NDS Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery (2017-2025).
  • A review of the work under SICDATF Work plans 2018-2021
  • To identify key priorities for the SICDATF work plans.
  • To capture the emerging problems and local needs in SIC communities.
  • To explore potential opportunities.
  • To recommend evaluation measures.
  • An assessment of challenges and opportunities for Task Force and its area
  • The outputs and outcomes demonstrate the impact of the work concerning the individuals and families being supported as well as the wider community.
  • To incorporate relevant research and best practice.
  • To prepare recommendations for strengthening service provision within the context of identified needs, available resources, best practice guidelines and in line with the national drugs strategy Reducing Harm Supporting Recovery 2017-2025.


Stakeholder participation and consultation

  • Local strategic priorities will be agreed upon through consensus with all stakeholders.
  • Consultation with project promoters.
  • Consultation with other key stakeholders as the project develops.
  • Service user input will be an expectation of this piece of work.
  • Community consultation will be an expectation of this piece of work.
  • Consult the working groups and subgroup activities of the SICDATF, to engage with the SICDATF to develop its strategic plan until 2025.

Devise a suitable implementation plan

Arising from the Plan’s goals devise objectives for the SICDATF for 2023- 25 identifying internal delivery mechanisms, necessary structures to achieve them, resource issues and timescales.

  • Develop Mechanisms to monitor progress including baseline and qualitative and quantitative performance indicators.
  •  A template to be developed and provided for the Task Force to complete focusing on the domain of action for each strategic goal.

Based on the above the successful applicant will develop an implementation table outlining the priority actions that the SICDATF local strategy will focus on in the period 2023-2025. These priority actions will be agreed upon with stakeholders and will promote interagency working.

The implementation table will chart the role of all partner organisations in the SICDATF strategy and identify achievable outcomes.

These outcomes will be set against a three-year timeline.


The lead consultant will report formally to the SICDATF Management Liaison Group and provide reports in advance of the project management meetings.

Amid term report and a final report and presentation to the SICDATF will be required.

Tender requirements

  • Process/ timetable listing key milestones (for reporting progress on various stages of development) and dates for meeting the deadline.
  • Methodology to be used.
  • Detailed budget and demonstrate value for money.
  • Breakdown of time allocations
  • Identification of any conflicts of interests
  • Samples of previous strategic plans developed by the proposed consultants.
  • Previous experience of research in Task Forces or related research
  • An outline of skills, qualifications, and experience in the area.
  • Required to have a working knowledge of online communication forums for example
  • Zoom or Microsoft teams.
  • Referee: contact details must be supplied for two referees, that SICDATF can contact who have engaged the proposed consultant for similar/ related work.
  • Organisations responding to this brief are required to nominate a lead person from their organisation as a point of contact (where applicable).
  • Organisations are required to provide details of all key staff and experience in the provision of these services where applicable.
  • Late proposals will not be considered.
  • All supporting material and documentation should be included in the proposal.


The budget available for the total project will be no more than €15,000 (inclusive of VAT and expenses). Please clearly outline all fees. A current tax clearance certificate will be required. This contract will be awarded based on a fixed price contract, and as such, all costs must be quoted (and indicated) as a fixed price in Euro.

The successful consultant is expected to work within the agreed budget and report regularly on budgetary issues.

Consideration will be given to competitive tenders. Breakdown of costs showing the number of days required to complete the task, the number of days each person, if there is more than one person involved, will be employed on the task, the cost per day.

The fee quoted should include travel and subsistence costs.


The successful applicant will be required to submit evidence of relevant professional indemnity and insurance details.

Proposal Acceptance

SICDATF is not bound to accept the lowest cost or any of the proposals received and will award the contract to its own best advantage. MEAT assessment principals will apply.

The successful tender must commit to completing the assignment on time and on budget and failure to meet the timeline agreed may affect payment.

All unsuccessful tenders will also be advised of the decision.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed, there shall be no binding contract between the tender and CDATF unless or until a written contract is signed by both parties.

SICDATF reserves the right to request the provider to amend their proposals.

SICDATF also reserves the right to accept any proposal in part or total.

Proposal evaluation process

Initially, the proposals will be checked for compliance with the request for proposal conditions. Potential consultants will be assessed both on their proposals and if required, a follow-up interview.

They will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Proven capability and experience in research, consultation especially regarding work of Task Forces (30%)
  • Methodology (30%)
  • Cost (20%)

Submitting a Proposal

The closing date for receiving proposals is the close of business on January 31st 2022. Candidates or a shortlist of candidates may be invited to present or meet with the selection panel before a decision is made to award the contract.

Proposals may only be submitted by email as per the contact details below. Informal queries to be sent by e-mail to the Coordinator on the

It is expected that the successful applicant will begin this project by mid-February 2022 with an anticipated finish of the project by early May 2022.

General Info

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9th Dec, 2021
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31st Jan, 2022