Active Retirement Ireland: Invitation to Tender

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Active Retirement Ireland

Request for tender November 2021

Active Retirement Ireland invites tenders for the following brief:

To conduct research on behalf of Active Retirement Ireland to:

  1. To conduct an audit documenting provision of digital skills provision for older people in Ireland.


The mission of ARI is to reach out to all older people to end loneliness through friendship and support. ARI is a national organisation of 550 local active retirement associations with an overall membership of 24,500 members. Our aims are:

  • To promote older people as independent, self-organised and active members of their communities
  • To act as a voice for older people and their concerns at national level
  • To promote positive ageing attitudes in Ireland
  • To provide support and information to the local associations of older people in our region
  • To network the local associations for peer support and information sharing

As Ireland’s largest community-based older people’s organisation, Active Retirement Ireland (ARI) can be a powerful voice for not just its 24,500 members, but for all older people. The local ARA can play a pivotal role in advocating for the most vulnerable people in the community, as well as its members.

In 2021 ARI commenced work on a digital skills programme for older people in partnership with Vodafone and Alone. A first of its kind in Ireland, the programme will see thousands of older people learning essential IT skills either through independent self-learning online, or a blend of in-person and online learning in their communities, empowering them to embrace the digital world with confidence. This programme is designed to train older people as digital ambassadors who will pass on their learning to groups of older people in a variety of community settings. These setting will include venues that are Broadband Connection Points (BCPs) which are public locations which have been selected to receive high-speed connectivity of the National Broadband Plan, local libraries and community centres. To do this ARI requires an audit of what programmes are currently is in place and who is the provider.

Objectives of the tender are:

  1. To review national policy relating to increasing digital skills for older people and identify gaps that may exist.
  2. To conduct an audit of digital skills programmes for older people; what is available, who is the provider and where is the venue.
  3. To liaise with existing BCPs to find out their suitability for delivering digital skills training for older people.
  4. To produce a virtual map of identified providers/venues of programmes by county.

Budget and timeline:

  • The total budget for this research is €8000.
  • The deadline for receipt of applications is 26th November 2021.
  • It is expected that the successful applicant will begin this project by beginning of December 2021, with expected project completion by end of January 2022.
  • The value of the tenders submitted must be inclusive of VAT and to cover the term of the contract. The price stated must be the total all-inclusive price for the duration of the tender.

Decision making procedure

  • All tenders received will be reviewed by Active Retirement Ireland.

Tender assessment will be based on the following:

  • Applicant’s ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the tender request.
  • Applicant’s understanding of the community and voluntary sector.
  • Experience of having previously conducted similar projects.
  • Quality of the tender document submitted, with clear timelines and project plan.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be marked on the following criteria

  1. Candidate profile – including the strength and relevancy of the candidates’ background (20%)
  2. Quality of proposal - including level of effort/details put into proposal and level of understanding of the scope (30%)
  3. Evidence of expertise (10%)
  4. Proposal meets the Tender Brief consisting of the methods to meet the stated objectives, and timelines (20%)

Tax Clearance – applicant must provide a Tax Clearance certificate and is responsible for their own tax return.

Copy right – All material generated as part of this process is the property of ARNI.

Subject to Contract. Applicant will engage in a contract outlining their obligations and timelines as set out in this document.

Applicants can submit tender to by 26th November 2021.

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