South Inner City Drugs and Alcohol Task Force: Invitation to Tender - Communications Strategy

South Inner City Drugs and Alcohol Task Force

Tender: Communications Strategy

Closing Date: June 24th 2021

Cost: An indicative budget of €8,000 is envisaged for this work.

Taking up Appointment: A start date will be indicated shortly after the work has been awarded

Reporting Relationship: The SICDATF Management Liaison Group

Scope of tender

Media Relations & Public Affairs

  • Assist in the development the SICDATF Communications Strategy and Implementation Plan to reach a range of different stakeholders both internally and externally, which are aligned to the Strategic and Operational needs of SICDATF
  • Assist in developing or advising on the relevant policies and sustaining positive relationships with the media, maximising positive coverage and ensuring balance in all media coverage to improve public perceptions of and promote public confidence in SICDATF
  • To assist the SICDATF to identify and work with external stakeholders on the most effective ways to share and disseminate information
  • Assist in the preparation of communications plan for the SICDATF Communications
  • Lead on the development of content for publication on all digital platforms and resource how this can be resourced remotely
  • Ensure compliance with the Official Languages Act and any other relevant legislation and guidelines/recommendations

Digital Content Communications


  • To advice on how to build and maintain links with the voluntary, community and statutory services.


  • To assist with methods to assess, measure and report on the impact of communications and initiatives.
  • Generate a response log and diary which captures media queries & issues.

External Communications

  • Assist in how to communicate the key messages and objectives of the SICDATF in order to promote a positive image and when necessary, limit adverse publicity using a range of media including website, newsletters, social media and special events.
  • Develop a standard template for responses to media enquiries
  • To produce content for short information video link on the work of the Task Force


  • Advise on the implementation and development of communications to funded / non funded servcies.
  • Advise on communications with hard to reach groups for example those not on email.
  • Advise staff on use of NALA guidelines and how to implement them into their communications with service users and advocacy groups..
  • Support, promote and actively participate in sustainable energy, water and waste initiatives to create a more sustainable, low carbon and efficient health service.

Eligibility Criteria

Qualifications and/ or experience

Candidates must have at the latest date of application: -

(a) previous experience in
(b) A primary degree or post graduate degree in marketing/journalism, public relations.

Candidates must have at the latest date of application: -

  • A record of achievement in a communications role, which has included all of the following:
  • Development and management of communications plans
  • Development of content for online and offline publications
  • Public Relations
  • Publication of web content
  • Demonstrated capacity to achieve results through engagement with multiple stakeholders as relevant to this role.
  • The requisite knowledge and ability (including a high standard of suitability and management ability) for the proper discharge of the duties of the office

Please submit a CV, letter of interest, a brief to demonstrate an understanding of the work, samples, link to previous work.

  • Demonstrated relevant previous experience 30%
  • Demonstrated understanding of the project and aims 20%
  • Proven skills/qualifications 20%
  • Realistic and deliverable work plan 20%
  • Costing 10 %

Please submit the tender to and contact for queries please e-mail or 0860080685

Costs must include

  • Indicative cost is € 8,000
  • Any issue that may impact the cost.
  • VAT and expenses.
  • A breakdown of days to complete the review, number of persons involved, cost per day per person, roles of persons involved.
  • Current in date Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Schedule of professional indemnity insurance.
  • Price increases during the term of the contract will not be accepted.

General Info

Date Entered/Updated
7th May, 2021
Expiry Date
24th Jun, 2021