Carmichael: Invitation to Tender - Research Project



Carmichael is a leading specialist training and support body for nonprofits in Ireland. Our training, support and resources enable our members and partners to be:

  • Better informed and equipped to carry out their own remits more effectively
  • Aware of and able to employ best practice for good governance
  • Better networked with and supported by peer organisations
  • More efficient and effectively run so that they are trusted by their funders and supporters.

With over 30 years’ experience based on a foundation of 45 resident organisations we provide expert guidance to nonprofits to support them to become more effective and impactful at what they do. We believe good governance is the beating heart of a healthy nonprofit sector.


We would like to conduct an assessment of the non-profit organisations that use Carmichael’s Training & Consultancy Service in order to get a better understanding of the profile of those organisations.

Carmichael Training & Consultancy has 4 main elements

  • Customised training/Consultancy projects
  • Scheduled training
  • eLearning and
  • Informal Support.

Several hundred individuals and non-profit organisations avail of these services every year. We would like an assessment of the organisations in order to get a better understanding of their profile using certain parameters, including but not limited to:

  • Governing Form – CLG/DAC/Unincorporated
  • Regulatory Status e.g. Charities Regulator
  • Income size
  • No. of Board Members
  • Average No. of Employees
  • Sector
    • Classification (Benefacts)
    • Activities/Beneficiaries (Charities Regulator)
  • Geographical Location
  • Sources of Funding
  • Codes subscribed to/complied with

It is envisaged that much of this work can be done by conducting an examination of the organisations and assessing them against the other public databases.

Questions regarding this tender should be sent to:
Andrew Madden, Learning & Development Manager, no later than 5pm 07/05/21

Responses to this tender should include:

  • Broad outline of recommended approach, timeline and costs
  • Description of relevant expertise and experience
  • Identification of any conflicts of interest

Closing date for submissions is 5pm 14/05/21.

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30th Apr, 2021
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14th May, 2021