Bray Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force Project Operational Review: Expressions of Interest Sought

Bray Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force Project Operational Review: Expressions of Interest Sought

Bray Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force (BLDATF) is one of 14 LDATF’s and is in operation since 2001 when it received LDTF status. BLDATF is responsible for prevention and education programmes, treatment services for active users and rehabilitation services in the Bray area.

Representatives on the Task Force include the HSE addiction service, the Education Training Board, the probation service, An Garda Siochana, Bray Area Partnership and Bray Municipal District,. There are 2 elected councillors on the forum. The community and voluntary sector are currently represented by Bray Travellers CDG, Little Bray FRC, the Family Support Network and Bray Youth Service. Bray Community Addiction Team and County Wicklow PPN


In Line with the current National Drug Strategy, our services are constantly adapting to new trends and new developments in drug use and utilising best practice in drug treatment services. To ensure services are aligned with the current strategic plan and trends in substance misuse the Task Force is inviting tenders to conduct an operational review of works.


  1. A comprehensive needs/gaps analysis of services in the Bray area.
  2. Using the findings from this thourough analysis, evaluate our interm projects to see if services are;
  3. A) Meeting the needs of the BLADTF area and
  4. B) Do they represent value for money concerning:
    • The needs being addressed.
    • The type and level of work being undertaken.
    • The output, outcomes and impact of the work with respect to the individuals being supported and on the wider community.
    • Any comparisions that can be drawn with similar projects in neighbouring Local Drugs & Alchol Task Force areas.
  5. To work with the Task Force to develop a strategic plan to run until to 2025.
  6. To complete all work by the end of Q3 2021.

Tenders should include the following;

  • A full description of how the work is proposed to be conducted
  • Inclusion of a quote for the facilitation, itemising all costs involved with delivery of the work.
  • Proposed plans for the evaluation process
  • Previous relevant experience
  • All quotations are to include VAT
  • A profile of the facilitator
  • The time commitment needed by the Task Force members

Reporting Requirements

The contractor engaged to undertake the work outlined will have regular interaction with the BLDATF coordinator and any committee established to oversee the work. A formal study report will be required in a format ready for publication and should include:

  • A contents page.
  • Summary.
  • Outline of the methodology deployed.
  • Findings.
  • Detailed analysis and conclusions concerning identified needs (existing and emerging), current service delivery and required supplementary/new provision.
  • A strategic plan structure for the BLDATF covering the period 2021 – 2025 including recommendations on actioning key priority issues and expected more immediate and longer term outcomes from work supported.

Key Timelines

It is expected that the work outlined will commence in June 2021 with a five month window for completion and presentation of final agreed reporting the following October. Working within this timeframe the projected milestone dates are as follows:

  • Contract for the work issued, signed and completed no later than 11th June 2021
  • Research and associated work commences no later than 21st June 2021 (17th June is mentioned however this is a Thursday – was this intended)
  • First draft of the report document is presented to the BLDATF on Friday 8th October 2021
  • Second draft of the report document is presented on Monday 18th October
  • Final report document is presented on Friday 29th October.

Assessment of Tender Bids

The contract for work outlined is being awarded by a competitive tendering process. In this regard tender bids will be assessed on related citeria as follows:

  • Demonstrated knowledge, experience, skills and competencies to undertake and complete the related work involved as required and within the timeframe.
  • Appropriateness and effectiveness of the approach and methodology proposed for undertaking and completing the work.
  • Track record with respect to undertaking and completing similar contracted work.
  • Evidence of capacity to complete all elements of the work within the timeframe.


An indicative budget of €12,000 is envisaged to cover all associated costs for this work.

The competitive tendering process for the award of the contract to carry out the work detailed will be in line with the information as set out. All tender bids will be assessed against the citeria listed. The tender bid deemed the most economically advantageous and capacable of meeting the objectives of the work will be selected for the award of the contract. The lowest tender bid price will not necessarily be awarded the contract. A contract will not be awarded under this competitive process should no tender bid received be deemed suitable. The success tender bid submitter must have tax compliance status.

Tender bids must be submitted electronically to (email address to be listed) no later than Monday 21st May 2021. Late bids will not be considered. It is planned that any interviews of bidders within the selection process will be held within the week commencing 1st June 2021.

The completed report document will be the property of BLDATF.

For any further information please contact
Bray Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force Coordinator, Colm Walsh at 087 986 6217 or email

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