HSE Community Healthcare Dublin South, Kildare and West Wicklow: Invitation to Tender


Tender for Jobstown SafeTALK Project to be replicated in five communities in HSE Community Healthcare Dublin South, Kildare and West Wicklow

Background to the Jobstown SafeTALK (Suicide Prevention) Project – Tallaght, Dublin

The level of deaths by suspected suicide in the Jobstown, West Tallaght area of Dublin between 2016 and 2017 were significant and the impact was felt throughout the local community. Jobstown has a history of strong community leadership and some of these community leaders contacted the HSE Resource Officer for Suicide Prevention (ROSP) and requested a SafeTALK (Suicide Alertness for Everyone) Training. This is in line with Goal 2 of Connecting for Life which is to support local communities’ capacity to prevent and respond to suicidal behaviour and also the following objectives in Connecting for Life

1.2 Increase awareness of available suicide prevention and mental health services.
2.3 Ensure delivery of training and education programmes on suicide prevention to community based organisations.
3.1. Improve the implementation of effective approaches to reducing suicidal behaviour among priority groups.

The Training

SafeTALK is an international evidence based half-day training programme that supports participants to recognise and engage persons who might be having thoughts of suicide, and to connect them with community resources. The programme stresses safety while challenging taboos that inhibit open talk about suicide. The training is provided by the HSE to organisations, education settings, local communities and government bodies.

The Process

On 2nd March 2018 26 community leaders from Jobstown attended SafeTALK (Suicide Alertness for Everyone) training.

The concept was that once this training was available that every resident in Jobstown would be 5 minutes from somebody who was ‘Safe to Talk to’. The community then produced a video showcasing this work and naming the community leaders who were ‘Safe to Talk to’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn6yVw644ys&feature=youtu.be or www.connectingforlifedublinsouth.ie . The training was attended by community leaders from Sports Clubs; Public House; Youth Clubs; Substance Abuse Support agencies and local Schools etc who were ‘Safe to Talk to’. A further 65 people were trained in SafeTALK (Suicide Alertness for Everyone) and ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills)

The Impact

To date, there have been 83 interventions made in Jobstown with people who have expressed suicidal ideation. These interventions have been done by community members with friends, neighbours, family members, team mates and service users. Since March 2018 until January 2021 there were no reported deaths by suspected suicide in the Jobstown area to the Resource Officer for Suicide Prevention. While this cannot be directly attributed to the SafeTALK programme, it has given the community a sense of both ‘being able to have difficult conversations with people who are struggling’ and given people who are struggling the knowledge that there are a variety of people within their own community who are ‘Safe to Talk to’. The age and gender of trainees is varied and they come from a variety of backgrounds eg sports coaches; youth clubs; parish office; schools; local pub which allows people who are struggling to identify with someone that they feel ‘Safe to Talk to’. There is now someone who is ‘Safe to Talk to’ on every street in Jobstown.

Project Brief

Aim of the Project

The aim of the project is:

  • To upskill community leaders in Suicide Prevention skills
  • To communicate out to the community that there are people within the community who are ‘Safe to Talk to’
  • Be inclusive, supportive and participative


  • To identify, in conjunctions with named local communities, a broad spectrum of community leaders who would be ‘Safe to Talk to’
  • Organise training in SafeTALK for these participants
  • Develop a communications tool to highlight the support of community leaders and can be adapted for use on a variety of social media platforms
  • Develop a peer support mechanism for participants
  • Agree with ROSP’s and participants a safe way of collecting data around interventions, to inform ROSP’s of emerging trends in relation to suicide risk


The expected output is to have five communities upskilled in suicide prevention and support to offer support to vulnerable members in their communities. There will be an accompanying visual communications tool that can be used in the local community to identify people who are ‘Safe to Talk to’.


The successful candidate will report to the Resource Officers for Suicide Prevention geographically responsible for each individual area.

Instructions to Applicants

Expertise and experience required:

The successful candidate will be required to evidence:

The successful candidate will be required to evidence:

  • Community Development Skills
  • Ability to work with a wide range of stakeholders
  • Experience of developing Communication Tools
  • Knowledge of mental health and suicide prevention and related services
  • Experience of conducting consultations in community-based settings

Tender requirements:

Submissions must include the following:

  • Curriculum vitae (including names of two referees)
  • Background and relevant previous experience of the applicant
  • Sample of similar work undertaken
  • Proposed approach and methodology
  • A detailed breakdown of projected costs and hours worked in relation to every part of the process
  • How the proposal represents value for money
  • A copy of Tax Clearance and all relevant Insurance documents.


  • The project timeline is dependent on a return to Face to Face training.

Project Start:

It is proposed that the successful applicant will begin in May/June 2021


The process will be dependent on a return to Face to Face Training. Initial scoping work for the project will commence in May/June 2021.

Enquiries to

For more details on the timeframe please contact Emma Freeman at emma.freeman@hse.ie or on 0879010541

Applications by soft copy to above email

Closing Date for receipt of applications: 14th May 2021 at 5.00 pm

Budget: €24,000 inclusive of VAT and expenses.

Please see Evaluation Criteria attached below.

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