Carlow County Council: Invitation to Tender

Judging - Carlow Pride of Place Competition 2021

Reference: - TD-21-0814

Detailed description

Carlow County Council seeks quotes to judge County Carlow's annual 'Pride of Place' competition 2021. This competition which has been running for 20 years has grown and evolved over this time. The competition is focused on giving recognition to Tidy Towns Groups, Residents’ Associations and Community Groups in County Carlow for the works that they undertake to enhance the physical environment and wellbeing of their communities. A primary element of this is the work that is undertaken to encourage sustainability and biodiversity. This year we have introduced the Sustainable Development Goals.

The judge will be expected to visit each group, town, village and housing estate that have entered the competition throughout County Carlow. They are required to provide a written report, which will include feedback, for each entrant in each of the categories they have entered. The judge will be required to complete a marking sheet and capture photographs from each entry. It is anticipated that there will be 21 Tidy Towns/Village Improvement Groups and approximately 80 residents’ associations. The categories included in the 'Pride of Place' competition: Litter Management, Community public open spaces improvements, Natural heritage & biodiversity, Community gardens, Waste minimisation, Water conservation& protection and Built Environment/ streetscapes.

It is required that the successful applicant has a proven track record in undertaking similar type works and 3 references are required to be submitted with the expression of interest to quote for the service.

The submission must include examples of judging this range of projects in a similar role. The applicant must have their own insurance, tax details and private transport. The applicant must have a qualification in horticulture, ecology or equivalent and have a background in biodiversity/environmental awareness. Price quoted must be fully inclusive in carrying out the judging. (travel, 3 meetings, reports etc.). A breakdown of costs shall be provided.

It is anticipated that judging will commence in mid -June and be completed by late August 2021. All reports must be completed and submitted by September 15th, 2021

Payments will be made in 3 stages

Tender Award

The tender will be in the first placed assessed to ensure that the suitability criteria are met i.e. that there are 3 examples provided of having carried out similar type works, the applicant demonstrates that they have the relevant qualifications and the relevant insurances/taxes are in place.

The tender will be award based on both price and quality (previous experience). 50% of the marks will be awarded on price and 50% of the marks will be awarded on quality i.e. 3 previous examples of similar type work. 100 marks will be awarded for both quality and price. The quality evaluation will be completed by an in-house team nominated by the Director of Services. The price will be awarded as follows: -

Total Mark Achieved = 100 x (Lowest price tendered/Price tender by the applicant)

The quality evaluation will be completed as follows: -

Weighting - Meaning

  • 91% - 100% - An excellent response, with very few or no weaknesses, that demonstrates a complete understanding of requirements and provides comprehensive and convincing assurance that the Tenderer will deliver to an excellent standard.
  • 80% - 90% - A very good response that demonstrates real understanding and fully meets the requirements and assurance that the Tenderer will deliver to high standard.
  • 60% - 79% - A satisfactory response which demonstrates a reasonable understanding of requirements and gives reasonable assurance of delivery to an adequate standard but does not provide sufficiently convincing assurance to award a higher mark.
  • 30% - 59% - A response where reservations exist. Lacks full credibility/convincing detail, and there is a significant risk that the response will not be successful.
  • 1% - 29% - A response where serious reservations exist. This may be because, for example, insufficient detail is provided, and the response has fundamental flaws, or is seriously inadequate or seriously lacks credibility with a high risk of non-delivery.
  • 0% - Response completely fails to address the criterion under consideration

Tenders or queries shall be forwarded be email only to Tenders must arrive no later than 5pm May 12th 2021, tenders received after the closing date/time will not be considered.

Brian O’Donovan
Senior Executive Officer
Community, Recreation and Amenity

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22nd Apr, 2021
Co Carlow
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12th May, 2021