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South Dublin County Partnership

Information for Tender Document for
Family Support Service, Balgaddy Child and Family Centre and in the immediate Balgaddy area.

South Dublin County Partnership requires the services of competent and qualified organisations to provide family supports for 28 hours client engagement per week in Balgaddy Child and Family Centre and in the immediate Balgaddy area, South Dublin. The contract is for a 3-year period (subject to funding)

Provision of 28 hours client engagement per week on site Family Support role which is Targeted, Needs led and Flexible

The role must be delivered within the framework of “Better Outcomes Brighter Futures”, The National Policy Framework for Children and Young People 2014-2020 and the Child and Family Agency /Tusla “What Works in Family Support” and the policies and procedures of South Dublin County Partnership. The role of the individual involved will be to work closely with the centre manager to provide the service as outlined below;

  1. Link in with on site Preschool regarding the needs of children and families attending and if required offer additional supports to families where needs have been identified;
  2. Oversee the running of the centre’s parent and toddler groups;
  3. Community engagement – be available for meeting and supporting any family who would be sign posted either through drop in or through engagement in the other programs available in the centre.
  4. Community engagement – link in with Public Health Nurses and other health professionals regarding any family living in the immediate Balgaddy area who would have low level supports as in level 1-2 and offer out these supports to the individual;
  5. Work closely with the centre manager to ensure the smooth running of the centre in particular ensure that the programmes in the centre are appropriate to the needs of families in the immediate local area;
  6. Gather and maintain all records in an appropriate and confidential manner and submit monthly reports to the centre manager;
  7. With Families consent make relevant and appropriate referrals;
  8. With Families consent or request advocate on behalf of family to relevant agency;
  9. Be responsible for the completion of all records as required by SDCP and Tusla;
  10. Attend weekly meetings with the centre manager and other centre staff to ensure there is clarity of role and allocation of space within the centre – work with centre staff regarding the promotion and recruitment for family programmes;
  11. SDCP would prefer the 28 hours required to be provided by one qualified individual who will be based in the Balgaddy Child and Family centre for 28 hours per week but may consider the engagement of two professionals for this service.

Provision of Line management and support and supervision of this role.

Tenders should include a detailed plan regarding support and supervision for the staff involved in this frontline service. The plan should outline steps that will ensure the quality of the work undertaken by the Family Support Workers will provide competent, appropriate and ethical services to the families.

General Supports:

As part of this overall engagement providing support to the centre Steering Group and centre manager towards supporting the centre’s engagement within the Local Area Pathway Structure.

Reporting Arrangements

The successful tenderer will report on a quarterly basis to the centre steering group, which is a sub committee appointed by the South Dublin County Partnership Board of Directors. The South Dublin County Partnership Senior Manager of Children and Families will line manage the provision of these services. South Dublin County Partnership will require quarterly reports to be provided in such a way that fully protects the anonymity of the families and ensures that confidential information remains confidential.
Quarterly reports will contain a detailed account of the professional supports received by the family support workers.

Staffing issues

The responsibility for employing the staff involved will rest with the tenderer and evidence of compliance with all statutory requirements may be sought from time to time.


Outline Costs per hour; travel and any other expenses to be incurred.

Evaluation of tenders

The successful applicant will be determined following an evaluation process by South Dublin County Partnership, on the basis of the following criteria (weights examples in brackets):

  • Quality and comprehensiveness of proposal (20 marks)
  • Details of expertise, skills and experience of delivering similar programmes (20 marks)
  • Qualifications and experience professional supervision (20 marks)
  • Qualifications of staff delivering front line services (20 marks)
  • Details of Organisations policies and procedures (lone working policy & procedure, Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult policy and procedures, Child Safeguarding policy) (10 marks)
  • Costing (10 marks)


All tenders are to be submitted in hard copy (two copies required) in sealed envelopes clearly marked Job ref. 21/21Tender to provide family supports in Balgaddy Child and Family Centre and in the immediate Balgaddy area” to:
Administration & Operations Department
South Dublin County Partnership,
Unit D1, Nangor Road Business Park,
Nangor Road, Dublin 12

Or by email to– subject box to be marked Job Ref. 21/21 Tender to provide family supports in Balgaddy Child and Family Centre and in the immediate Balgaddy area’

Closing date for receipt of applications is no later than Friday 14th May 2021 5 P.M.
Late applications cannot be considered.

South Dublin County Partnership is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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22nd Apr, 2021
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14th May, 2021