Navan School Completion Programme: Invitation to Tender

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Terms of Reference / Evaluation for Navan SCP

Project Background;

Navan School Completion has been in operation since 2002. It currently has 6 schools in the cluster, 2 at Post Primary school, Beaufort College and St Joseph’s Mercy Secondary. At primary level , St Joseph’s Mercy Primary, Scoil Naomh Eoin, Scoil Mhuire, St Oliver’s NS.
As a programme we are governed under LMETB, funded through TESS/TUSLA. Our core ethos is to work with young people in Primary and Post primary school to achieve their full educational potential through completion of their leaving certificate or equivalent. Our core areas are attendance, retention, and participation of our young people.

Navan SCP aims to provide a continuum of support for targeted children and their families to assist the targeted student in achieving a minimum standard of education based on his/her individual needs.

We aim to achieve this Mission Statement by:

  • Providing positive opportunities of engagement for targeted children and their families
  • Supporting children’s attendance, participation, and retention in the education system to maximise their potential.
  • Adhering to National Policy (Better Outcomes, Better Future) and Governments programme for government in relation to education needs
  • Focus son the individual child and his/her individual plan.
  • Using a multi-dimensional, inter-agency approach to address targeted young people’s needs particularly involving School Completion Programme, Home School Community Liaison and Education Welfare Service.
  • Ensure a consistent response without delay to ensure connectivity is maintained
  • Listening to the voice of the young person in developing opportunities for their individual needs
  • Targeted response to young people who are “at risk” of early school leaving
  • Working at interagency level to ensure all resources are in place for the young people.
  • Delivering interventions in line with Retention planning process

Project Objectives

The process will involve a full profile and needs analysis of Navan SCP

It will incorporate an evaluation of current programme and the delivery of interventions to targeted students within the cluster.

Through Profiling, Navan SCP will complete a comprehensive analysis of current data.

The process will involve liaison with NSCP Coordinator and LMC Members to confirm an agreed methodology and process for consultation with schools, community groups, parents, students.

  • To develop a strategy that can feed into future strategic planning process.
  • To evaluate current operations and identify the gaps in supports and services to families , with a focus on recommendations.
  • To identify the barriers and gaps in service provision and supports to children families
  • To make recommendations that will enhance service delivery to students and families referred to NSCP

Sample Areas to be analysed and evaluated

  • Levels of disadvantage in school population.
  • Undertake an analysis of population within each NSCP School by Address/Age/Gender/family structure.
  • Compile the information and present data to inform need.
  • Analysis of current referrals by age/gender/reason/area of residence
  • Conduct a Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results analysis as part of the research on service delivery.
  • Analysis and review of current structure of targeted resources and make recommendation to the LMC and Coordinator on the strategic focus of need and the allocation of resources going forward.

Implementation Methodology to be applied

With the agreement of research committee.

  • It is anticipated that the methodology will include a blend of focused groups and interview research techniques. It is expected that it will be participative in nature and will include the voices of the local community, families, children, and young people as well as service providers. It is likely to involve the following:
  • Desk based research of demographic on participating schools in the cluster. (E.g. Census 2016),
  • Preparation of questionnaires focus group questions and the format to structure the participative elements of the research.
  • Focus on a SAOR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results analysis of the programme.
  • Consultations with key Staff, School Personnel, Parents, and students.
  • Analysis and report write up to include findings of all phases of the research and a detailed Action Plan.
  • Presentation of findings to LMC and ensure action points are
  • deliverable and achievable.
  • Report to be structured in clear English language

Qualification required.

  • Research qualifications and experience of successfully completing similar pieces of research.
  • Communication and interpersonal competence to effectively engage with the wide range of stakeholders.
  • Competence and experience working, in the local community, with schools and of working with groups, individuals and families.
  • Data analysis, report writing and presentation skills.
  • Capacity to complete the research and deliver the final document within deadlines.
  • In possession of a valid Tax Clearance Certificate and insurance.


Nominated Person:

Christina Nestor
Navan SCP
Project Coordinator

Prefab 25
Mercy Primary School
Railway St
Co. Meath

Closing date for application: 6th May 2021.

Completed application forms must be received by 4pm on Thursday 6th May 2021 by post at the above address.

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